8 Tips to Safely Take Care of a Pet

In order to safely take care of a pet, you have to keep in mind that accidents can happen anywhere. They can take place both inside and outside of your home. 
8 Tips to Safely Take Care of a Pet

Last update: 16 February, 2019

Having a pet at home requires a lot of responsibility. You have to make sure you meet certain obligations so that your pet will be cared for and pampered. In this article, we’ll give you some tips to safely take care of a pet, whether at home, on a trip or on the street.

How to safely take care of a pet

There’s no doubt that a home with pets is very different from one without them. These animals are very important in our lives because they offer us protection and unconditional love. However, it’s also true that, as owners, we have certain obligations towards these wonderful beings.

Beyond feeding them, taking them out for a walk and taking them to the vet once a year, there are other ways to safely take care of a pet at home. Here are some recommendations:

1. Don’t leave dangerous objects within reach

You have to remember that pets are like small children. They don’t know about the possible dangers and accidents that could happen in the home. So, you should put away any cables, cleaning products, sharp objects, toxic plants, glass, or porcelain that may be within their reach.

A dog chewing his toy.

2. Give him a safe area

This will depend on the type of pet you have. However, in any case, it’s important to give him an area that’s a good size for him and, most importantly, comfortable. Also, cages, terrariums, and aquariums shouldn’t be near windows, heaters, outlets, and air conditioning.

3. Put a barrier on the balcony or stairs

If you allow your pet to go outside (like on the balcony), you’ll have to think about their safety. Some owners choose to put in rails, while others choose plastic barriers, and there are also some who like electric fences.

Owners use rails to take care of pets.

This also goes for stairs. Usually, they don’t have any problem climbing up them, but getting back down is an issue. Also, puppies and cats are very curious animals and will want to know what’s upstairs!

4. Install fire and alarm systems

It doesn’t matter if you’re out of the house all day or if you’ll only be gone a few minutes. Accidents can happen at any time. And, you have to act as quickly as possible! A lot of people have started to install fire alarms that can alert the homeowner wherever they are.

If you choose to install an alarm system, you have to be sure to get one that’s designed for homes with animals. That way, it won’t go off if your pet is just moving from one room to another.

5. Install cameras

You might think that this idea is too over-the-top when it comes to taking care of your pet. However, it’s a great way to make sure your pet is okay when you aren’t at home. In fact, some systems can even show you the cameras on your phone.

Tips to take care of your pet with outdoor security

In addition to making sure your pet is safe at home, you also have to take precautions when walking him, taking him to the park, or driving with him. Pay attention to these tips:

1. Give him a chip

If your dog runs away or gets lost chasing another dog, it will be easier to find him if he has a microchip implanted. Veterinarians can painlessly insert this chip into your dog.

A dog with a microchip.

2. Always put a leash on him

Even if your pet is well-trained and behaves very well on the street, you never know when something might happen to make him disobey your commands. He may be distracted by a female in heat, a cat, or the sound of a car.

A dog on a leash.

To safely take care of your pet, you’ll need to make sure he’s comfortable with his leash. Additionally, you should make sure that he doesn’t pull on it or go too far in front of you. If you want, you can also buy an extendable strap to give him a little more freedom without jeopardizing his safety. 

3. Car safety

If you go on vacation with your dog, remember these tips. Don’t let him stick his head out the window, don’t let him out of the car without a leash and don’t let him loose on the beach, a mountain or in the woods.

A dog in the car.

By following these tips, your dog will be safe from any accidents and you will ensure that he doesn’t get lost or hurt.

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