Top Tips to Help Your Cat Enjoy a Bath

Have you given up on giving your cat a bath? Try these tips.
Top Tips to Help Your Cat Enjoy a Bath

Last update: 04 January, 2021

It’s no secret that cats don’t like water. Even though they clean themselves with their tongue, they need extra hygiene, and so we need to help them. But in view of their great fear of water, what can you do to help your cat enjoy a bath?

We’re not going to kid you, it’s not easy. However, here on My Animals, we’re on top of things. We know about pets and we love to give good tips to make it easy to care for your little friend.

That’s what we’re going to do in this article, so follow closely and take note.

How to help your cat enjoy a bath

There are many things to think about when giving your cat a bath and we’ll talk about them here.

A cat in a bath.

Choosing the time for your cat to enjoy a bath

The best time to give cats a bath is when they’re relaxed and sleepy. If they’re too alert and they have a feeling that you’re taking them to water, they’ll most likely start to run and hide and you’ll never be able to catch them.

Preparing the cat

You can’t wait for a cat to become calm in the water like you can for a dog. But the best thing you can do is to take precautions. For example, this would be to cut their claws, and close the door of the bathroom so they can’t escape. Cutting their claws will avoid scratching in case they become nervous.

Don’t wait till the last moment

It wouldn’t be a good idea to take them to the bath tub or the shower stall and put them under the faucet. The best thing to do is to prepare a container of lukewarm water that’s neither very hot nor very cold. This way everything will be faster and, of course, more pleasant for the animal.

Don’t let it feel trapped

If your cat has a little space to walk, she may be more comfortable even if she’s still wet. Walking around the tub will relax your pet and allow her to accept the bad experience.

Don’t immerse it in the water

Even if you’ve filled a container with water so as not to put it under the faucet, don’t actually put your cat in the container. In order for them to enjoy the bath, it’s best to pour cups of water over them until they’re completely wet.

Make sure you don’t wet their nose or eyes as this will really annoy them and they’ll want to escape.

Continue in the same way to rinse them off. While one hand is washing with the shampoo, use a cup to add water with the other hand. Above all, be careful that the soap doesn’t get in their eyes, nose, or mouth.

Drying off

Cats in a blanket.

The most likely thing is that your cat won’t let you use the dryer, even though you can try it. Instead, get a towel and gently, with soft touches, pamper them and talk lovingly to relax and calm them. Afterward, brush your cat when the fur is dry.

Use positive reinforcement to help your cat enjoy a bath

If your cat has behaved well, she deserves a treat, don’t you think? So, give her a treat that she likes and pet her while saying sweet nothings to her. If your pet relates their bath to having favorite treats or with extra love, they’ll probably always enjoy bath time.

It doesn’t work at all to force them to have a bath by shouting or scolding. The pet should feel loved and supported. After all, who likes to be forced to do something that they don’t want to do?

Remember that your cat doesn’t like water, and they may think that you don’t love them because you’re putting them in water. So, remember to be aware of this and spend some time petting and playing with your feline after the bath. She should know that your love for her is the same as always.

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