How a Pet Can Make You a Better Person

Several studies have shown having a pet can make you a better person. Animals like dogs and cats can also make you mentally and physically healthier. 
How a Pet Can Make You a Better Person

Last update: 30 March, 2019

Scientists have always been interested in the relationship between people and pets. They have even conducted several studies that have shown how having a pet can make you a better person.

How a pet can make you a better person

Dogs can make you a better person.

  • Physiological. Having a pet at home favors the unconscious and involuntary release of the hormone oxytocin and endorphins, which are associated with pleasure and enjoyment. This has a lot of different advantages, such as reducing anxiety and the stress caused by loneliness. It also strengthens young children’s immune systems, gives owners more physical activity thanks to games and walks, and can also protect us from certain cardiovascular diseases.
  • Psychological benefits. Our pet will always be the best companion. Experts have shown that dogs and cats increase our self-esteem and our sense of responsibility. Additionally, they contribute to and encourage our happiness, diminish feelings of loneliness, and can help with any psychological changes, etc.
  • Psychosocial benefits that will make you a better person. Walking and being accompanied by a pet always gives us the opportunity to interact with new people and be part of other groups. Our furry friends make it easier for us to get involved in events related to pets. They can also help us increase our trust in some interpersonal friendships and, in general, help us to foster socialization skills.
  • Therapeutic benefits. There are so many treatments that involve interaction with pets. These treatments are seen in both assisted and motivational therapies to enhance recovery and improve conditions or illnesses in people of all ages.

Why pets make us better people

Animals are slowly becoming a part of almost every family circle. Any home you visit will probably have some type of pet, not just dogs and cats, but also hamsters, rabbits, turtles, fish, etc.

But how do our pets make us better people?

  • Through very simple things. Life is sometimes not as complex as it may seem. Just by looking at our pets and observing their daily activities, we can learn that. Playing and interacting with them, taking them for a walk, watching them eat, all of these little things will make us reflect on the little things in life, which we tend to forget about. They are happy, without the need to constantly be connected to a smartphone or a device with an internet connection.
  • A lesson in loyalty. Dogs aren’t the only pets that can show loyalty. Loyalty and companionship are always admirable in any animal. They don’t have many of the defects that we have, such as envy.
  • We learn to forgive and reflect with them. Often times, our pets will break something or do something that they weren’t supposed to do. However, as pet owners, we have to come to the conclusion that they’re not to blame and that we need to forgive them. By learning not to get angry at our pets, we’ll learn to use that same behavior in society.
  • Sharing. When we see our pet share, we’ll also learn to do it. This not only goes for material things, but also for emotions.
  • Joy is contagious and we’ll be happier when we see that our pet is happy. 

They live life to the full

Generally, our dog or pet lives each day to the full no matter where he is. Even if we take him for the exact same walk every day, it doesn’t matter. He’ll be happy and content, attentive to any stimulus that he can enjoy and he’ll have lots of fun.

Additionally, pets don’t think about the past or torment themselves with it. They also don’t worry too much about the future. They live in the present, and this is a very important lesson that we can all learn.

Enthusiasm and lots of love

An owner reading with his dog.

Your pet’s love is unconditional and constant. Dog owners know this very well. Dogs express love in all its dimensions, without holding back, and they get excited about the small things in life.

Being close to a dog, or any animal in general, helps us to be more expressive and more human. They understand feelings much better than words, and this is also a very useful lesson for all of us.

There’s a lot we can learn from our pets and the animals in our lives!

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