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Gaza Dogs Found a Place to Live

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The conflict between Israel and Palestine, especially in Gaza, is globally known. Hundreds of images appear every day on news channels. However, there are some victims that the mainstream media seldom mention. Gaza dogs are also collateral damage from the war. But, what exactly happens to them?
Gaza Dogs Found a Place to Live
Last update: 15 March, 2019

In one of our previous articles, we mentioned that the Gaza zoo had to close because there were no funds to support the animals, animals that were already malnourished. In the end, they were sent to other countries where they had the opportunity of a better life. Now, we bring you the story of Saeed and his stray Gaza dogs.

Domestic pets were also victims of the war and many no longer have a home. But, there is now hope for them! Would you like to know how?

A new refuge in Gaza for dogs

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Dogs are well regarded as guardians and hunters by Islam. However, the fate that befalls animals in a country at war is not a priority to most people there.

At least not for most, because Saeed al-Ar is worried about what the future holds for these animals. And so, he began to make calculations of how much money he needed to support his family, and how much he could allocate to help the dogs. Dogs that, like him, were victims of the ongoing war in Gaza.

Needless to say, taking resources from himself and his family, in order to help Gaza dogs is not easy. Saeed’s family is numerous. He has a wife and seven children to provide for. Nevertheless, everyone has tightened their belts in order to help the most disadvantaged animals in Gaza.

The Al-Sulala refuge is created in Gaza

Saeed searched for a piece of land on the outskirts of Gaza where he could keep the dogs. He managed to get a sandy space of 2700 square meters, and built his refuge there. 

This refuge doesn’t just feed the animals, but also has equipment to play games and sports with them.

The love Saeed feels for animals is innate. At least until 2007, he was training dogs for the police forces in his country. However, that year, the government structure changed, and the new rulers decided to establish their own methods and training for the official dogs.

Saeed still receives a salary from the government, even though he doesn’t actively work. This allows him to devote all of his time to rescuing Gaza dogs. In this way, he isn’t only contributing actively but also emotionally. And it goes beyond just giving them food and playing with them. Obviously, Saeed loves and protects these animals too.

Aware of his great vocation, some people in positions of authority promised to give him 12 acres so he can help more dogs. Furthermore, even locals respond well to Saeed’s initiative. Additionally, they get involved with whatever food they can, or with the little money they can afford to let go of, in order to make life easier for the Gaza dogs.

Saeed’s and his dream

Saeed’s dream is to someday have a dog food factory and a hospital that can provide veterinary help to all stray Gaza dogs. Sometimes dreams come true, Saeed…

Undoubtedly, in the middle of a conflict as serious as the war in Gaza, knowing that there are people like him gives us hope in humanity. There are still many, many good people out there willing to help one another. Of course, Saeed deserves our admiration as a human being, as a person, friend, husband, and father.

Actions speak louder than words, they say. And, in the case of Saeed, the example he gives to his children is one of the lessons they’ll never forget, and that will also turn them into better people.

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