What are Dog Adoption Cafes?

Dog adoption cafes are a place to have a coffee, chat with friends and you can even adopt a dog. We'll tell you more about them in this article. 
What are Dog Adoption Cafes?

Last update: 01 March, 2019

There have been a lot of changes in cafes in recent years. One recent example of cafes with a twist are dog adoption cafes, where you can have a coffee, catch up with friends and also adopt a pet. These are becoming more and more popular.

California already has dog adoption cafes

There’s a new cafe in Los Angeles, California, that has revolutionized the idea of pet adoption. For anyone who loves dogs and can’t resist a good cup of coffee, this is the ideal place for you.

The Dog Cafe is located in Los Angeles, California, and offers its customers a unique experience. While they’re sitting down to chat with friends over a cup of coffee, they are also surrounded by dogs available for adoption. Customers can interact with the dogs to see which one best fits their tastes and preferences, or which one they have the best chemistry with.

All of these dogs were abandoned. They are rescued dogs who were brought to this cafe and are waiting for a new home.

Dog adoption cafes are a new idea.

How the idea came about

A woman from Pennsylvania named Sarah Wolfanng first came up with the idea for dog adoption cafes. She lived in South Korea for 16 years, where she worked in animal shelters. She was always worried about the animals in the shelters that were never adopted, and that gave her the idea for these innovative cafes.

These cafes let dogs and humans have a nice time together in a relaxed environment where they can get to know one another. There isn’t the same pressure that you find on people who go into animal shelters. The dogs and the coffee drinkers can get to know each other and this might lead to them making a real bond. As a result, a “customer” may choose to take one home.

However, you can still go to these cafes even if you’re not adopting a dog. If you love dogs and love to play with them, but you can’t have one at home for whatever reason, you can still go to these cafes. While you’re drinking your coffee, you can play with the dogs.

Dog adoption cafes spreading to other countries

Following the United States’ example, there are now feline versions of these cafes which are developing in countries like Spain. The idea is that people can drink their coffee while surrounded by cats. Coffee drinkers can read the paper or connect to the wifi while, at the same time, enjoying the company of the cats that live in the shop. Of course, the customers can also adopt one of these animals and take them home.

One example of these cat cafes is in Madrid. It’s called ‘La Gatoteca,’ and coffee lovers go there to spend time with some feline companions. The owner says it’s the first cat cafe in Spain, and a place where cats can enjoy the same freedom they would have in a private home.

So, what do customers do in La Gatoteca? While enjoying a delicious cup of coffee, you can help feed the cats. Alternatively, you can read a book while one of the cats naps on your lap. You can do all this while using the free wifi and enjoying the cats’ company.

Originally a Japanese idea

These so-called cat cafes aren’t new. In 1998 in Taiwan, Taipei was the first city to open one of these places where you can interact with cats in this way. This was the original cat cafe that started the trend of relaxing with a cup of coffee and some cats.

Another cat cafe also opened in Osaka, another Japanese city, in 2004. Since then, this place has become a spot for those who love cats but who don’t have the time or space to have their own one.

This cafe is a real paradise for the cats that live there. It’s also a great place for the human customers! They can spend the afternoon there, petting, feeding and playing with the cats that live there.

A cat playing with a glass.

Other cities with cat cafes

This idea has really spread around the world. Different cities like Tokyo, London, Budapest, Vienna, and Paris have joined the movement. In 2003, Paris opened Le café des chats.

For anyone who doesn’t have enough time or space to care for their own cat, these cafes are the best option. There, they can play with the cats, feed them, and give them lots of love. It’s also a great option to help with the stresses of everyday life.

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