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Where Can You Adopt a Dog in Your City?

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Are you ready to adopt a pet, but not sure where to go to get one? We'll tell how you to find a place to adopt a dog in your city.
Where Can You Adopt a Dog in Your City?
Last update: 23 July, 2019

Adopting a pet is a responsibility that you shouldn’t take on lightly. Do you want to take on the commitment of having a living being that will fill you with love and will be faithful to you always? Well, you should keep some important issues in mind. Do you know where to adopt a dog in your city? Then, keep on reading!

Adopting a dog: The essential factors

All that most people want is for all dogs to enjoy a loving home. While we can’t take every dog home, at least we can change one dog’s life. Adopting a dog is something very serious because it’s a responsibility that can last for several years. That’s the first thing you should remember. It’s not something that you can just get rid of if you get bored.

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If you’re thinking about the possibility of adopting a pet, you might not know where to find the special animal that will change your life forever. However, it’s not actually that complicated to find a place to adopt a dog in your city.

There are usually foundations in any major city where animals are waiting for a family. However, not all foundations are set up legally. It’s important that you check out the conditions of a shelter to make sure that they keep dogs in suitable conditions and that the animals are protected under proper regulations.

Pedigree’s way of helping dogs

There’s a platform created by the Pedigree dog food brand in some countries, such as Colombia, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina. It has a large database of shelters and establishments that have dogs up for adoption.

The Pedigree Foundation is also working on expanding this platform to the U.S. to help other people adopt pets. Soon, you’ll be able to adopt a dog in your city through the site!

There are several sites that can help you find a way to adopt a dog in your city, such as Adopt A Dog. You put in your zip code and it gives you a list of places to look for a pet.

Another important issue is to make sure you’re complying with all the regulations. Many dog shelters don’t let new owners adopt a pet until they know for sure that the animal will be in good hands with its new owners. So applicants are required to complete an application that’s analyzed by a professional.

If they consider you to be ready to adopt a pet, you can move on to the next steps. Typically, a specialist who acts as a “social worker” will visit your home to see that the animal is well-cared for and well-fed. The specialist will also make sure that the dog is adapting well to his new home (especially if there are other dogs or children in the home)

Social networks can help you adopt a dog in your city

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Technology is very useful for nearly everything these days. Social networks are an ideal platform to find animals that need a home. Most shelters have a Facebook profile where they post images of their new arrivals.

In each publication, they usually indicate basic information about the dog. For example, they tell you the sex, age, size, condition (if they’ve had any type of accident, if they have an illness, if they’re newly born, etc.). The shelter will also give you contact information so you’ll know where the shelter is and you can go meet your new best friend in real life!

A good idea then to adopt a dog in your city is to search social networks for shelters near your home. Then, just take a look at the publications. There are dozens of animal protection associations that also need volunteers. This can be a great way to get to know a bunch of dogs. That way, you can get to know your dog before you take him home!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.