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Dog with Excess Skin Can Now Show Its Face Thanks to a Shelter

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Read the full story of Reggie, a little dog who suffered from excess skin, wounds and vision problems.
Dog with Excess Skin Can Now Show Its Face Thanks to a Shelter
Last update: 15 May, 2023

Thanks to the help he received, this little dog with excess skin was able to show his true face to the world. His name is Reggie and he had been affected for several years by excessive skin growth of his skin.

We’ll tell you his touching story and how he managed to overcome this health problem.

Reggie, the little dog that suffered from excess skin

Reggie is a shar pei dog that suffered for a long time from excess skin. Although this type of dog has this genetic condition by nature, the case of this furry friend was extreme. His wrinkles were getting worse and he suffered from the wounds that it caused him.

At first, it was believed that when he turned one year old his skin would improve, but he reached this age and nothing changed. On the contrary, his wounds worsened and he had vision loss.

“He was bald, had really damaged skin on his back, and infected eyes. His vision was bad and he needed constant eye treatment, so we worked with a veterinarian to find a long-term solution,” explained, Lauren Pearce, the RSPCA’s deputy head.

It should also be explained that Reggie was rescued by this shelter in a very bad condition. There, the professionals who took care of him talked to experts and came to the conclusion that this dog with excess skin needed urgent facelift surgery.

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Reggie stopped being a dog with excess skin to be a happy dog waiting for a home.

The surgery changed his life and he is ready to be adopted

As reported by the shelter, Reggie underwent skin-tightening surgery with incredible results.

“Unfortunately, Reggie’s breed is prone to problems due to their excess skin, but with the treatment he received, we hope it will help prevent skin problems in the future. He’s a young dog, so we hope the right person comes along, and that he’ll be able to enjoy his new life,” commented the experts.

Now, this little dog who had excess skin has recovered from surgery and is ready to be adopted. Although he has suffered a lot, he’s an absolute darling, and, without a doubt, he will find a home that will fill him with much joy. “He’s a sweetheart, very friendly, and he loves everyone. We would like him to live in an adult-only home, as he isn’t used to children, and it would be great if he could live with more experienced owners.”

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