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Finally Adopted After Waiting 8 Years in a Shelter

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Chase waited for 8 years for an adopter, but when the miracle happened, he was ready to give the love he was denied for so long.
Finally Adopted After Waiting 8 Years in a Shelter
Last update: 04 March, 2023

Our star of the day waited for eight years in a shelter to be adopted. He was rescued in 2014 from a village and was taken to a shelter, no one wanted him because it was believed that he was used for clandestine fights, gaining the reputation of being “unfriendly”.

However, when all seemed lost, an angel appeared in his life and gave him the long-awaited opportunity. Keep reading because we have all the details for you.

The dog that waited 8 years to be adopted

When the puppy was found, he was off leash and with clear signs of being used for fighting. Many people rejected him when they learned this part of his story because they thought he was “unfriendly”. Every year that passed was one less chance of being adopted.

It is well known that there are many puppies in shelters, but the puppies and the healthiest dogs are the first to get homes. That was not the case with Chase. He wasn’t only an adult, but he had scars on his body, due to the fights he was forced to take part in.

Besides, one of the reasons why he was left aside was because he used to bark at people when they visited him at the shelter. It seemed like everything was against him, but the miracle was closer than he thought.

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Chase waited for many years, but the family he has now couldn’t be more perfect.

The miracle of adoption was near for Chase

Chase waited for eight years for the miracle of having a forever family to come. During this time, Samantha Torres, the leader of Furry Friends Adoption, Clinic and Ranch, a shelter in Palm City, Florida (USA), who picked him up off the streets, took care of him every day.

In 2019, a new person arrived on her team, it was Tracie Lundy, a 52-year-old woman, who fell deeply in love with the canine’s personality. “He wasn’t particularly friendly and acted aloof, so potential adopters overlooked him. I could tell he had stranger danger,” she told People.

From that recognition, she began to endear herself to him with treats and by giving him walks. A short time passed and he knew he could trust her and they began to stick to this routine without any major problems. “Once I got to know him and got over his tough exterior and tough guy act, I saw that he was soft and mushy on the inside. Eventually, he gave me his kisses,” she commented.

After a while, Tracie had to retire from work, but promised to come back for him. She didn’t take him with her at the time because she had another dog and little space, but as a sign from heaven, her dog passed away and she didn’t hesitate to offer this space to Chase, now 9 years old.

“He is so happy! After so many years of living in a kennel, I thought adoption would be a big change, but he’s fine and sleeps through the night. He doesn’t howl – he’s a couch potato!” concluded the happy adopter.

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