Meet the Dog that Raises Funds for Animal Shelters

In this article, learn all about the dog that helps raise funds for animal shelters. Read on!
Meet the Dog that Raises Funds for Animal Shelters

Last update: 30 July, 2019

Davos is a dog that raises funds for the canine cause. He loves golf and has a natural talent for finding things that others have lost. His story is a reminder of the great contributions a dog and its owner can make to build a better world.

Five years ago, Al Cooper decided to take his faithful furry friend to the golf course. Long ago, he realized how good his Bernese Mountain Dog was at finding lost objects. What began as a fun outing soon became a canine venture.

Davos went from pet to caddy thanks to his speed and effectiveness at finding lost balls in the Albertville, Minnesota golf course. The most striking thing is what is done with them after finding them. His owner sells them for 25 cents and donates all the money they raise to an organization that helps other abandoned dogs.

Al and Davos have been doing this for a few months. According to media reports, Davos has managed to raise and donate $100 for stray dogs in just a few weeks.

Davos: The dog that raises funds for animal shelters

Dogs from a dog shelter.

Deanna Kramer was really surprised when she received the funds this charitable dog raised. She’s a member of the Animal Humane Society organization and of the local shelter for abandoned dogs.

According to Kramer, Davos’ donation was the kindest she’s ever had the pleasure to receive throughout her entire career as an activist. Her surprise is understandable because we’re talking about a charitable dog that uses its skills to help other less fortunate dogs.

The story interested KARE 11, a Minnesota television station. They popularized this heartwarming story with a news report they uploaded to YouTube.

Now, Davos has gone viral. The story was also published in the prestigious magazine ¡Hola! and on the Spanish television channel Antena 3’s website. In addition, he’s become famous on Facebook.

How many balls has Davos found?

This dog has an innate gift and has, allegedly, found a total of 400 balls in a few weeks to make his first donation for stray dogs in his area.

Davos finds every ball and places them inside a white basket. Its owner has placed a sign inside a park asking for donations. This canine’s work has been useful for golfers, animal protectors, and, of course, for other less fortunate dogs.

The best part about it all is that Davos has a lot of fun finding the lost balls. When he’s not at work tracking, he obediently lies in the golf cart. Davos’ owner foresees large future donations due to its talent at finding balls.

Training to raise funds

Some homeless dogs.

Al Cooper has publicly stated that, although he’s a lousy golf player, golf is one of his greatest passions. He’s also masterfully trained his faithful companion.

It’s also true that this creative American has found a way to join forces with his pet to create a venture that could generate significant funds without the need for further investment.

The best part about it is that Al and his dog do all this while enjoying themselves on the golf course!

This isn’t the first time that a dog raises funds and contributes to building a new, more caring and tolerant world. However, you have to admit that Davos’ story is quite unique.

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