Man Creates System to Communicate with His Blind Dog

Find out about the touching story of a blind and deaf dog and the love she receives from her owner.
Man Creates System to Communicate with His Blind Dog

Last update: 19 January, 2023

What this owner does for his blind dog is really beautiful, it will touch your heart and restore faith in humanity. Today we have a moving and very positive story for you. It’s an example of what all owners should do for their pets: take care of their needs.

The blind dog and what her owner does for her

Plum is a blind and deaf dog that has stolen the hearts of thousands on Instagram. Although stories of abandonment and abuse reach us daily, especially when pets have disabilities, her case is different.

It turns out that through this social network, her owner tells us what he does to wake up his beloved pet without her being frightened by the limitation of not being able to see or hear. In a video he shows how he stands next to her and gently blows on her muzzle.

Obviously, she wakes up somewhat startled, but the man stays by her side and brings her into his arms to reassure her. “Daddy is here and always will be,” reads the subtitles of the video.

It was this example that inspired several Internet users to tell similar situations: “I’ve experienced it with my dog, Jerry, little by little he was losing hearing and sight. He ended up living almost 15 years”, says one person. Another commented: “I also have a blind dog. He is very restless and is guided by noise. He’s very happy with us.”

Plum has a sister who has her back

A blind dog.
Not only does Plum’s owner do beautiful things for her, so does her sister.

In addition to having the care of an excellent owner, Plum has a canine sister named Lola. Her account on Instagram is @lola_plum365.

Her followers see everything that the owner of the two does for them and how the dogs love to take walks with their owner. Other videos show what Plum’s day-to-day life is like and how the man helps her respond to different needs such as going out, which he does with a lot of love and admiration every time she responds positively.

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