The Longest Cat and other World Record Holders

August 4, 2019
People love cats and world records so today we'll tell you a story that has to do with both. Enjoy!

When we think of adopting a pet, we often go after a specific breed or species because we prefer a certain size. That said, people acquire cats because they’re usually small and therefore ideal for urban apartment life. Surprisingly though, this norm doesn’t always apply. Such is the story of the longest cat in the world. Continue reading to find out more about him.


Cinzia Tinnirello and Edgar Scandurra, a couple from the town of Vigevano, in the province of Pavia, once decided to take a kitten home to keep them company. From the beginning, they noticed that Barivel (as they named him) was a little larger than other cats.

As time went by, the feline continued to grow and grow and grow until he became huge. This, of course, as reported in the Guinness Book of World Records. The large cat was crowned Longest Domestic Living Cat, after the record was verified on 22 May 2018.

As per the Guinness World of Records website, Ludo was the record holder before Barivel who is 3 ft 11.2 in. At the time of verification, back in October 2015, Ludo measured 3 ft 10.59 in.

A cat being pushed.

Barivel’s owners always knew they had a special cat and love to pamper him. For example, he eats plenty of biscuits, chicken, and fish. In fact, he even goes out for walks and gets to ride in a stroller. “People are always surprised to see him because it’s strange to see a cat outside in the stroller,” said Edgar, one of his owners. He also said that Barivel loves riding in his.

A cat in a stroller is already an unusual sight, but what truly impresses those who run into this family is the cat’s huge size. His owners are constantly being stopped by people who want to take a picture.

It was for this reason that the couple created an Instagram account for their furry friend. Not surprisingly, cybernauts still can’t believe the photos of Barivel are real.

Other cats who hold Guinness World Records

In addition to Barivel and Ludo, there are many other cats who broke world records. Here are some interesting ones:

1. The longest-living cat

The oldest living cat with his owner.

This cat was born on March 13, 1988, in San Diego, California. Her name is Tiffany Two and her owner Sharon Voorhees bought her at a local pet shop when the cat was only six weeks old. Sharon says the $10 she paid for the cat is the best money she ever spent. To put the feline’s age into context, when she celebrates her 31st birthday then her age will be the equivalent of 125 human years. (Or so “they,” say.)

2. The loudest purr

There are many benefits associated with a cat’s purr because the sound is quite quiet and soothing. However, in the case of Merlin, a 12-year-old cat, his purring reached about 100 decibels! It seems that, more than purring, the cat was training for the local opera house.

3. The heaviest cat

Himmy was a tabby cat from Queensland, and weighed about 47 pounds. Unfortunately, he died when he was 10 years old due to respiratory failure, as a consequence of his obesity. The second place in the Guinness World Records belongs to Katy, a Russian kitten who weighs 44 pounds.

It’s worth mentioning that Guinness no longer accepts nominations for this category. It’s mainly to keep owners from overfeeding their pets in order to break a record.

4. The smallest cat

His name is Mr. Peebles, and he weighs 2.86 pounds and is just over 6 inches high. His developmental years are now over and therefore he won’t grow anymore. His small stature is apparently due to a genetic defect.

5. The cat that gave birth to the most numerous litter

By the year of 1952, Dusty, a Texas cat had already given birth to about 420 kittens throughout her life. All before she had her last litter at the age of 18.

On this note, the largest known litter belongs to Tarawood Antigone, a Burmese cat from the United Kingdom who gave birth to 19 kittens after a single pregnancy.

6. The greatest hunting cat

In Scotland, a tortoiseshell tabby by the name of Towser apparently killed over 28,000 mice throughout her 21 years. This is about four mice per day. In fact, there’s a statue in her honor, back in her hometown. Some say that the mice of Scotland celebrate the day she died as a national holiday!

7. The cat from the Eocene period

Anthropologists found fossils from the Eocene period that apparently prove there were already cats over 50 million years ago. According to them, they looked a little bit different than they do today. It may not be the most lively cat in the world, but hey, a record is a record.