Three Heart-Warming Stories of Inseparable Friends

Children are humans and dogs are animals and yet, they both have a special place in each other's hearts. Today we'll tell you three stories of inseparable friendships.
Three Heart-Warming Stories of Inseparable Friends

Last update: 24 June, 2019

Is there anything sweeter than a child and a dog together? We’ve got three stories about inseparable friends, and the first is all about Oliver and Ruby.

This pair of friends’ favorite pastime is going around the neighborhood and patrolling the area.

You know how children often wonder what they’ll be when they grow up, and how often they change their minds about it. One day they want to be a fireman; the next, an astronaut. The day after, a hockey player, then a carpenter, and so on.

Well, 5-year-old Oliver seems to be pretty sure of what he’d like to be when he grows up: a policeman.

Hands up! We’re Oliver and Ruby, a pair of inseparable friends

Ruby and Oliver playing in the yard.

However, he just can’t until he grows up and began practicing for his chosen profession at an early age. Much influenced by television and with the full support of his parents, the child received a most incredible gift: a police motorbike.

A blue uniform was, of course, included together with a pair of Ray-Ban style sunglasses. However, there was another package in that gift that caught his attention: a second police uniform for his inseparable dog friend Ruby. Now he would have fun for sure!

At first, he merely walked around the streets near his house, all dressed up for the occasion. Then, Oliver decided he wanted more. He wanted to be a real police officer, together with his dog. So, he asked his parents to take him down to the Overland Park Police Department in Kansas.

They did, and the officers not only welcomed him but also gave him a tour of the police station. In addition, they took lots of photographs together and, before he left, they gave him an honorary badge. It credits him as “law-abiding citizen, a good friend of the authorities.”

When the boy found out there were police dogs in the station, he decided he also wanted to train his four-month-old dog, Ruby. Brandi Davis, his dad, said that Oliver was very excited about the idea of ​​doing his police work around the neighborhood.

After some training, the puppy learned basic behavior and elementary commands to also become a police dog. The pair of inseparable friends even do community work at the local nursing home. They certainly brighten the days of the residents there.

The story of Owen and his three-legged dog

Some people believe there are creatures who are meant for each other. If you’re not one of them, you will be after reading this story.

Owen Hawkins, was born with a strange condition called Schwartz-Jampel Syndrome. He spent most of his life depressed. However, that all changed when he met Haatchi, the dog who became his best friend.

Owen, who’s now 10 years old, has problems with his joints, bones, and muscles. Ever since he became aware of his illness, he started to become very depressed. He no longer wanted to relate to anyone and didn’t want visitors. He didn’t even want to go to school.

It was then when his parents thought it would be a good idea to get him a puppy –one who also had a disability. The dog in question had lost a leg after being hit by a train.

It was then that Owen understood he wasn’t the only person in this world who was different. Furthermore, if the puppy was happy in spite of missing a leg, then he could be as well.

Now they’re a pair of inseparable friends who spend all of their free time together. Haatchi doesn’t leave his side for a second.

Dylan and his dog were born the same day

Dylan and Farley were born the same day.

And, lastly, here’s the story of two little friends who not only share their birthday, but also many adventures.

It all started when a woman named Ivette Ivens (a photographer) saw a pet adoption announcement about a French Bulldog puppy who was born the same day as her son Dylan. She couldn’t resist, and took it upon herself to go and get him.

Ivette brought the dog home and named him Farley. From the very beginning, they noticed how child and puppy became inseparable friends. They do everything together, even bathing.

Ivette is sure that Dylan thinks that Farley is just a furry brother from another mother!

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