Animals in TV Commercials

Animals are used in TV commercials because they appeal to humans' emotions. This method of advertising is known as emotional marketing. 
Animals in TV Commercials
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Last update: 21 December, 2022

Throughout the history of television, there have been many different animals in TV commercials. These animals have captivated the public’s attention, and have gained enormous popularity.

We can probably all remember funny or moving commercials that have starred animals. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most famous animals from TV commercials.

Why do dogs make commercials so successful?

According to experts, it’s nothing new that animals often make traditional and digital marketing successful. This is especially true when we’re talking about species that we really love, for example, dogs, cats, horses, pigs, dolphins, monkeys, etc.

The animals we can identify with tend to awaken positive emotions, like tenderness or a sense of protection. On the other hand, the animals that we consider ‘less desirable’ can make us feel disgust and even fear.

Two horses being used for TV commercials.

For these reasons, many TV commercials will feature horses because they give us a feeling of freedom. Or, they’ll use dogs because they’re so innocent and offer us unconditional love. On the other hand, they might use cockroaches, rats or mosquitoes to promote an insecticide or anti-parasitic products.

In any case, it’s very difficult to remain indifferent when you see these animals on your TV screen. This is the key to the success of what is commonly called ’emotional marketing.’

Also, using animals in TV commercials, or for internet videos, allows companies to reach a very large audience. This is because advertisers can transmit their message to very different people whose only common trait may be their love for animals.

A dog with a TV remote.

7 unforgettable animals in TV commercials

Here are some commercials that almost all of us have seen on television, and in which animals are the stars:

1. ‘The man and the dog’

Not all TV commercials use animals to sell a product or service. Some advertisements try to promote campaigns, policies, and events that are nationally or globally important.

This was the case with ‘the man and the dog.’ Its goal was to raise awareness about the importance of organ donation. Advertising latches onto the amazing friendship between humans and dogs, and reminds us that we can save lives by donating organs. This commercial ended up having one of the most moving moments in history.

2. ‘Friends wait for us’

This is another television commercial that uses the link between human beings and dogs to make the audience reflect. In this case, the commercial warns of the dangers of driving if you’ve been drinking alcohol.

3. ‘Dogs and cats react to 4k television’

This is a very funny and innovative commercial. It shows the real reactions of dogs and cats the first time they’re watching TV with 4k technology. It’s a simple idea that makes us laugh and reflect on how animals perceive the world around them.

4. ‘The story of the lost dog’

A lost dog, a horse, and his tutor are the stars of this very exciting TV commercial. It makes the audience reflect on their conception of the sensitivity and intelligence of animals, and how they relate to them.

5. ‘Adopt, don’t buy!’

In this commercial, we see the difficult life of a street dog and his need for adoption. This is a striking commercial that reminds us that there are thousands of dogs waiting for the chance to find a family and a home.

6. ‘Cooking while the human is gone’

Every pet owner has wondered what their animal does while they’re gone. Well, this commercial is one of the most creative answers to this question.

In this commercial, we see a dog that takes advantage of his owner’s absence to try to cook his own food. However, his plans are interrupted when his owners return.

7. ‘The cat that decided to lead a dog’s life’

Lastly, we’ve included this creative commercial that makes comparisons between cats and dogs. We’re told the story of a cat who decides to act and live like a dog because it’s more fun.

In the end, this commercial ends up being an excellent satire to remind us how important it is to enjoy life a little bit more.

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