Tips on How to Make a Video of Your Favorite Pets

Most people want to make a video of their pets; it's because they seek to reflect many funny moments. You must respect the dignity of the animal though. An editing program can help you keep the clips short enough and perfect to share on your social networks.
Tips on How to Make a Video of Your Favorite Pets

Last update: 19 March, 2021

Pets are often amusing and constantly surprise us with their skills and funny attitudes so it’s natural to want to make a video of them. It’s the technology era and many owners take advantage in order to share their cute beloved companions on social networks. Here are some tips on how to make a video of your pet and turn them into a celebrity.

Tips to make a video of your pet

This can be an excellent idea to share funny moments with family or friends. However, be cautious and don’t let this clever proposal turn into an unpleasant situation for the animals. Here are some tips on how to safely video-record your pet.

Respect the pet’s boundaries

Animals use their keen senses to perceive their environment and understand what’s going on in their own special way. This is why certain things that may seem funny to humans can make them uncomfortable and annoy them.

Recently, there were several videos that went viral. They showed the reactions of cats being surprised by the presence of cucumbers. These recordings made many people laugh. However, it isn’t funny to cause these negative feelings in our companions.

It’s important to understand your pets before videoing them. Look for the things they like, what they find amusing. In this way, you’ll record your friend doing something they enjoy.

As you can imagine, you shouldn’t try to force an animal into doing something against its will. So, don’t expose them to dangerous or unpleasant situations. This is the only way to ensure that the recording will be unforgettable.

A couple dogs watching a video of a dog.

Teach the pet some basic commands

This is another important thing you must do to ensure a safe and fun recording session. Many people believe only dogs can memorize commands, tasks, and tricks. However, many other pets have cognitive abilities and learn fast.

Cats, dogs, birds, rodents, lizards, turtles… each animal is a unique individual and possesses peculiar abilities and characteristics that you can capture on video.

Logically, every pet is different and has specific limitations inherent to their nature and organism. However, all of them can learn and enjoy things when their humans use positive reinforcement, which involves patience and dedication.

Take the opportunity to make a video of your pet showing its dedication to learning new things. Surely the world of social networks will recognize their efforts.

Prepare your recording equipment

You must exercise patience and creativity. In addition, you can also use a tripod or other form of support if you want to be a part of the video.

You’re probably already full of good ideas, so improvise or create other objects to complement your video. Use some of the elements in your own home as a stage.

A woman capturing a shot of a dog.

Furthermore, with a little more practice you can add decorations, costumes, and even some special effects to your production. You’ll slowly become experienced in making videos and get better results every time you make one.

Defining the style helps make a successful video

Generally, defining a fun and attractive style for your pet’s video helps increase its popularity. However, spontaneous videos of unexpected attitudes are also quite popular on the world wide web.

Just look for the most viral animal videos on the Internet in order to get ideas and learn about some styles. There are thousands of creative ones on YouTube and Instagram. We’re not suggesting that you copy them; watching what other people do will mainly inspire you to create your own style.

Good editing enhances your recording

The first recordings of your pet will probably be too long. This is why editing is important as it helps you optimize your work and increase the chances of your pet becoming a celebrity. You must keep in mind that long videos aren’t easily shared as many social networks barely support short recordings.

Finally, there are some programs that allow you to modify videos and photos to make them even more fun. There’s Wondershare Filmora, for example, which offers creative plug-ins and practical solutions for simple and modern editing.

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