5 Games To Enjoy with Your Dog

Our dogs love to play, and playing with them is one of the best ways to show them that we love them. Check out these games to enjoy with your dog.
5 Games To Enjoy with Your Dog

Last update: 31 August, 2019

Our furry friends love to play, and we love playing with them. Often, spending time playing is one of the best ways to show them that we love them. Here are some games to enjoy with your dog. You’ll love them!

The 5 most entertaining games to enjoy with your dog

Sometimes we just throw a ball or a toy for them to go and fetch it, and your dog will love that. However, always doing the same thing will become routine and boring for both you and them.

A dog playing with a ball on the grass.

Here are some other options:

Flirt Pole

In this game, you have to tie an object to a stick with rope. Your dog will love it since dogs enjoy games in which it seems like they will achieve something, but they never succeed.

The benefits of this game are:

  • There is no physical contact. This is an advantage because even if your dog is extremely excited, he cannot harm you, nor can you harm him.
  • It is an original toy, but easy to make, so you can make your own without spending money.
  • It strengthens his muscles. The more you wave the toy around, the more exercise your dog will get. Therefore, the better it will be for his muscles.
  • It develops his mind. Specifically, the animal will keep on trying different ways to get a hold of the toy, and this will activate his mind.

Water Hose

Some dogs are more reluctant about water than others, but when it comes to games, they all enjoy it. If you have a garden or a large place to play this game, do it!

There are two ways to play:

  1. You can start by splashing your dog with a bit of water to get him to come after you. Then, you will have to run so that he doesn’t catch you.
  2. Make the animal chase after the water. First, spray the water in front of him. Then, have him go after it. This game will be good for furry friends who hate water.

You must keep several points in mind:

  • That the water doesn’t have too much pressure
  • That the water doesn’t hit him in the face
  • That you keep your distance from the dog
  • You should stop the game so that your dog learns when to play and when not to
  • Don’t let him jump on you
  • If you notice that he has become obsessed about chasing water, then stop the game

Tug of war

Tug of war is an ideal game for aggressive dogs or those who have territorial issues. However, if your furry friend gets too wound up, don’t play this with him.

All you need is a rope and a strong, long toy to pull. However, be careful not to hurt your dog’s mouth. Also, if you have another dog or a friend does, he will be an ideal companion for this game.


Another game to enjoy your dog is playing with balls. That’s because balls are versatile and there are hundreds of things that can be done with them.

No one knows better than you which ball game your dog will like best. In fact, a number of options are available. For example, try playing:

  • Catch: First, throw the ball and have him chase it.
  • Soccer: To start the game, kick the ball. Then, have him chase it.
  • Hide it: First, you can smear the ball with food and hide it. Then time how long it takes for your dog to find it!
Three dogs playing with a tennis ball in the back yard.

These are just a few options, but surely you know more or have already played other games with your pet.

Canine sports games to enjoy with your dog

Specialized sports parks for dogs where they can practice flyball, agility training or frisbee are another perfect choice for games to enjoy with your dog.

They’ll definitely have a great time while developing their cognitive abilities.

Go ahead, get to work, let your imagination fly and play with your furry friend. He’ll thank you! And now, have a great time with these games to enjoy with your dog.

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