How to Teach Your Dog To Dive

The first thing you need to do is guarantee the safety of your pet. To do this, you need to choose the ideal setting. Then, show your dog how as a game and teach them to jump from an elevated platform.
How to Teach Your Dog To Dive

Last update: 23 August, 2020

Some dogs are made for water. Not only are they good swimmers, but they also like to play or just rest near the ocean or in a pool. If your pet loves water, you should know that there are special water sports for them. We’ll tell you how to teach your dog to dive.

Instructions to teach your dog to dive

Before starting to teach your dog to dive, it’s essential to be clear about some safety tips. These are some of the preventative measures and instructions for teaching your dog to dive:

Choose the best place to teach your dog to dive

First, you should never start any new activity with your pet in an unknown environment. This can put the well-being and health of your pet at risk. Before starting to teaching your dog to dive anywhere, you need to get to know the place, assess the depths, possible obstacles, and the water quality.

Now, let’s consider what type of place might be good for your dog to dive. You should find a place with calm, clear waters. For example, a swimming pool or lake that is deep enough could be a good place. You want the water to be deep enough that your dog can’t reach the bottom with their paws when standing.

A swimming pool is a good place to teach your dog to dive.

You also need to make sure the spot is free of any obstructions or objects that your dog could hit. Your dog might jump into the water and dive headfirst, so any obstacle could accidentally cause severe trauma.

Teach your dog to dive: Gradual adaptation

Even if your dog loves water (some breeds are more prone to love water than others), remember that diving will be a new experience for them. As a result, it’s important to respect your animal’s pacing. Some dogs might take longer than others. You also should help stimulate your pet with positive reinforcement.

You shouldn’t force your dog into the water or dive if they don’t want to. Moreover, it’s important to ensure that your dog feels comfortable in the environment. If your dog feels nervous or scared, you can encourage them to feel curious through games.

Present the activity to your dog

Teaching your dog to dive means introducing them to a new activity. However, you want to make this seem like a game. If you add a playful element, your dog will better be able to understand the point of this training.

To do this, start by picking up your dog’s favorite toy. While the shape of the toy doesn’t matter, you should make sure that the toy floats in the water and is a bright color. Next, sit by your dog and show them their beloved toy. Then, throw the toy into the water and encourage them to jump in and find it. After that, try to get them to bring the object back to you.

Every time your dog successfully completes this task, you should reward them with a treat. Then, your dog will understand that you’re happy and proud when they’re able to play this new game.

A dog in a pool with a baby.

Get your dog used to heights

To dive, your dog has to jump off a dock, an elevated platform, or a ramp. This will allow your dog to reach the proper depths to pick up an object at the bottom of the pool, for example. Once again, you need to be patient and allow your pet to adapt at their own rhythm.

When your dog is comfortable on these higher surfaces, then, you need to encourage them to jump into the water. To do this, position the raised surface at the edge of the water and stand near the surface.

Then, once you’re near the water, call your dog to you and encourage them to fetch his toy by running off the raised surface. Continue to reward your dog each time they successfully get the toy.

Teach your dog to dive

You should repeat the previous activity as many times as necessary until your dog can do it easily. They should be able to run into the water without signs of hesitation or fear, grab the toy, and return it to you. Then, you can finally teach your dog to dive.

To do this, you need a ball or toy that sinks into the clear water. Then, follow the same steps of throwing the ball and encouraging your dog to go find it. Little by little, you’ll be able to throw the toy into deeper and deeper areas of the water. Always reward your dog for their dedication and skill.

Teaching your dog to dive requires dedication, positive reinforcement, and perseverance. You should do short training sessions of between 30 and 40 minutes, three to four times a week. A well-trained dog is the result of a committed owner.

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