What You Should Know Before Taking Your Dog to the Park

Dog parks can provide excellent exercise and interaction for most dogs, and even their owners! But, what you should know before taking your dog to the park.
What You Should Know Before Taking Your Dog to the Park

Last update: 12 February, 2019

In most countries, there are more and more laws and policies for everything. The same applies to dogs. Although they may sometimes seem overbearing to us, dog laws are for the safety of all concerned, so it’s important to have certain things clear when you take your dog to the park.

It’s not uncommon to see dogs fighting in parks. This often happens because owners just aren’t prepared for taking their dog to the park.

Rules for taking your dog to the park

A little dog playing in the park.

The first thing you should know before you take your dog to the park, is that your dog is your responsibility. Therefore, any accident that your dog causes or suffers is your responsibility.

Don’t forget each dog is different and not every dog likes going to the park to play. Some dogs may be too shy or too fearful and may not feel comfortable in a park full of dogs.

So, what should you keep in mind when taking your dog to the park in order to give them a nice time?

Choose the park

Not all dog parks are safe, especially if you want to have your dog off their leash. That’s why the perfect park should have the following amenities:

  • Fences. A fence can prevent dogs from running away if they feel threatened.
  • Two gates. Just because your dog is friendly doesn’t mean other dogs are. Having two gates in different places can make it safer for your dog to escape if necessary.
  • Safety signs. These are important so that you know what the park rules are for your dog.
  • Water fountains. Just in case you forget to take water, having few water fountains will always be great for dogs if they get thirsty.

Before entering the park, check how many dogs are there, and watch their behavior.

Updated vaccination record

This is a legal requirement in many countries. Dogs should be vaccinated and their vaccination record must be completely up to date. This will be helpful if either your dog gets bitten or if it bites another dog, which, of course, we hope will never happen.

Remember, in most dog parks rabies vaccine is mandatory.

Obedient dog

Make sure your dog is well enough trained to follow simple commands even under pressure, such as “come”, “quiet”, “stop”. This will be very helpful in case of an incident.

Take what you need

Lady walking with dog in the park.

When you go with your dog to the park, bring your mobile phone just in case of an emergency, either for your dog or to help others.

Try to bring something that can break up a dog fight, such as an air horn or a whistle. And of course, don’t forget to bring your dog’s leash.

Keep an eye on your dog

You don’t have to be overprotective, but keep an eye on your dog all the time as well as on the other dogs. Don’t assume your dog will never hurt other dogs because the unexpected can always happen.

Happy walking!

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