How Do I Know If I'm a Cat Lover?

What makes someone worthy of the title "cat lover"? Find out here. Here's a hint, it's not enough just to like them a lot!
How Do I Know If I'm a Cat Lover?

Last update: 14 September, 2022

Being a cat lover is simple, because domestic felines are adorable, affectionate, and great company. It’s hard not to succumb to their charms! In fact, those who adopt one often end up wanting to take in more.

However, if you call yourself a cat lover, then you should know that this title requires several qualities beyond a simple love of animals. Not that anyone is going to give you a certificate for this, but it might be fun and curious for you to check how many conditions you meet to qualify as a great cat lover. Let’s get started.

How do I know if I’m a cat lover?

A cat lover with their cat.

There are no lists or exams to tell if someone is a cat lover. It stands to reason that the first requirement is that you really like these animals, but that’s not always all that’s needed. Let’s take a look at some of the traits of this type of person.

Cat videos take hours out of your day

The Internet is by far the largest repository of feline ethology. Everyone has seen videos with cats doing something funny, but a cat lover has mastered the art of finding the best ones of all, enjoying them, and spreading them around.

Moreover, you know how to select the videos in which you know that the cat hasn’t suffered in any way, and no malpractice or animal abuse is encouraged. You know a cat well enough to know what bothers or hurts it.

You want to pet and cuddle all the cats you see

Whether they live on the street, at a friend’s house, or at home, you can’t resist cuddling them. Of course, you’ll also realize when they need to be left alone, because respecting these animals’ needs and fears come first.

You know everything about the species

Despite being one of the most studied animals and one that has been around humans the longest, cats will always end up surprising us. Throughout your experience with them, a cat lover will have acquired extensive knowledge about their biological makeup, care, behavior, and curiosities.

Have you ever been called “cat crazy”?

Whether it’s because of the number of hours you can spend talking about cats or the number of them living in your home, someone has surely branded you in this way. Also, even though it may have a pejorative connotation depending on who says it, to you it always seems like a compliment (because it is!)

Loving an animal with all your heart isn’t an act of craziness, but a gesture of empathy and humanity.

The best part of your day is the time you spend with them

Coming home and greeting them, playing with them, or napping under a mountain of fur is the best time of the day for you. As a good cat lover, you know that every minute you spend with them is a memory to treasure with love.

If you have to choose between a human and a cat, the cat always wins

A domestic feline is a responsibility you take on voluntarily and do to the best of your ability every day of your life. If someone makes you choose between yourself and your cats, the answer is clear, you don’t adopt an animal and then get rid of it.

You always have your camera at hand

Cats are an inexhaustible source of moments to treasure and, if you’re good at social media, it’ll bring you so many likes. That’s why, if you’re a cat lover, filming or photographing your feline is one of your favorite activities!

Your cats are part of your emotional support

Sometimes it isn’t possible to express in words what you’re really feeling. At those times, an animal that simply looks you in the eye and curls up on your lap is all that’s needed. Cats are a silent, empathetic, and even therapeutic companion for many people.

You help in cat rescue associations

Some people adore cats, but can’t afford to care for one at home, or don’t feel they can give a cat all the time and attention they really need. That doesn’t stop a cat lover, and, in fact, it motivates them to look for other ways to help the most disadvantaged specimens. Many people help out with cat colonies, work as volunteers, or devote themselves to the dissemination of material promoting cats.

You can be sure that an animal care center will be infinitely grateful for your help.

A woman and her cat.

You end up liking other animals

At the end of the day, a cat lover is someone who understands the thoughts, feelings, and needs behind a feline gaze. When you understand that what’s inside them is the same as what’s inside you, you end up realizing that all animals, human or not, feel and suffer.

That’s why being a cat lover will lead you to love all other species as well. And, even though you’ll be sensitive to the suffering they endure all over the world, there’ll be no better reward for you than to see them living happily and healthily.

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