Some Incredible Things Dogs Do!

They astonish us every day with their intelligence, their unmatched love and their friendship. But did you know that dogs also do some incredible things daily without you even realizing?
Some Incredible Things Dogs Do!

Last update: 30 April, 2019

Dogs are amazing. Of that there’s no doubt. But if you weren’t already sure of their “superpowers”, we recommend that you read this article, and you soon will be! Let’s see some of the incredible things that dogs do without even thinking about it.

Incredible things that dogs do

You don’t need anyone to convince you… dogs are the best animals in the whole wide world! Your friend goes everywhere with you, looks after you, and gives you unconditional love. But besides all these things, your dog can also do certain things that turn it into an exceptional being:

1. It pays attention if you speak like an adult

When you come into contact with a dog, whether it’s yours, or someone else’s, you can’t avoid it… you start talking baby talk to it! We tend to change our tone of voice and use words in diminutive.

Starting from now, try not to do this anymore. Why? Because dogs behave according to what they hear. And if you talk ‘funny’ then it won’t pay attention or listen to you. Dogs think that you’re not speaking to them and they have ‘selective hearing’ if you talk baby talk. It doesn’t matter if it’s a poodle or a Great Dane, it’ll act in the same way.

2. Dogs recognize changes in your facial expressions

You actually don’t need to talk to them. Just by moving your eyes, lips or facial expression, that’s enough for dogs. Canines can recognize when a person is happy, cranky or tired just by looking at their face.

Dogs can recognize human emotions.

So, when your pet misbehaves and you give it a dirty look, it’ll automatically realize that it’s done something wrong. It’ll hide or it’ll ask you to forgive it in its own way. And this isn’t due to remorse, since dogs lack this emotion. Rather, it’s because it reacts each time it recognizes anger in the face of its owner.

3. Dogs laugh!

You’ve probably seen many videos or photos where dogs are sporting a huge smile. You might wonder why your pet doesn’t do the same thing (or maybe you just haven’t seen it yet).

Did you know that canines “laugh” for different reasons than humans? For example, they do it to ask for attention from their owners and to show affection. However, if you see that your pet looks like it has a smile on its face, then, depending on the situation, it may actually be anxious or you may need to calm it down.

4. Incredible things dogs do: they manipulate you

If you thought that only Puss in Boots was capable of making those ‘awwww’ eyes and getting what he wants, you probably don’t have a dog in your home. Canines are the perfect actors and they know exactly how to get round you!

A dog shaking paws with its owner.

Dogs are more than just astute. They know each member of the family’s weakness. Does your dog want food, a toy, a pat on the tummy or even to jump on the bed? It’ll do anything to get what it wants!

Dogs can even ask their owner to grant their desire, because they remember how they got it the last time. If you give your pet food from your plate, but your partner doesn’t, the next time your dog wants food, it’ll come directly to you!

5. Dogs lick to show affection

Dogs have different ways than humans to show us that they love us. Licking is probably the most common way. For instance, just as mother dogs use their tongue to clean their puppies, dogs grow up believing that this is the correct way to show you that they want to be at your side.

Your dog will probably want to lick your face, but will willingly do so on other parts of your body too, such as on your arms or even licking your feet. And for canines it’s also a way of calming themselves down and a way to feel comforted by direct contact with their owner.

6. Incredible dogs imitate your personality

You’ve probably heard the saying: “dogs are like their owners”. And this doesn’t just mean physically. It also refers to personality. Dogs can acquire different qualities from the people they have the most contact with. Why? Because we humans transmit emotions to our pets, from anxiety to tranquility.

For that reason, if things in your house are stressful, or if you’re going through a lot of problems, then your pet will misbehave and will try to attract your attention. But if you’re calmly drinking tea on the couch, then your dog will most likely throw itself down at your feet and sleep like a baby.

Did you know about all these incredible things dogs can do? There’s clearly not a shadow of a doubt that they are marvelous beings, beings that can change your life forever.

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