The 5 Most Beautiful Fish in the Animal World

This list is full of exotic and beautiful fish that you can keep in an aquarium. One of them is popular for having starred in an animated film.
The 5 Most Beautiful Fish in the Animal World

Last update: 21 March, 2021

Who didn’t have a fish as a child? Almost everyone in their childhood had one of those little goldfish because, among other things, there wasn’t much to choose from. Over the years, we’ve gotten to know more and more species, many of which we can keep as pets. Today, we want to show you some of the most beautiful fish in the animal world.

What are the most beautiful fish in the animal world?

Among so much variety, it seems difficult to choose which specimens should make the list of the most beautiful fish in the animal world. However, we’re going to try, and we hope that you like it. Let us know!

Mandarin fish

If there’s a fish that stands out for its impressive beauty, it’s the Mandarin fish (the image on the cover of this article). In fact, it’s considered one of the most beautiful fish in the world. Also, its electric and almost fluorescent colors can’t go unnoticed. 

Its base is blue, while different bright orange lines, shades of green, purple and yellow in waxy shapes, stand out on its body.

Another of its outstanding characteristics are its bulging eyes that stand out in its small body, which is no bigger than 2.5 inches. In addition, it’s a carnivorous fish that feeds on crustaceans and small invertebrate animals.

This fish isn’t a common pet because of its diet. Additionally, it’s an exotic animal that only lives in the Pacific Ocean, between Japan and Australia.

Koran Angelfish

This triangular-shaped fish stands out for its mix of colors in shades of chocolate, white and electric blue. It can measure up to 15 inches, and you can have it as a pet. However, the tank needs to be able to hold 160 gallons of water.

The Koran Angelfish swimming.

It lives in the coral reefs of the Pacific, and its color changes as it enters adulthood. When it’s young, its tones are darker with curved lines. In adulthood, the lines disappear to form small specks that stand out in their scales. Its life expectancy is 20 years.


Its name might not be familiar to you, but we’re sure that when you saw its photo, you already knew it. This is because this fish has been one of the most sought-after to have as a pet, maybe due to the famous movie where its protagonist was one of them: Finding Nemo.

A clownfish in an anemone.

It can be yellow or orange in color- like Nemo was- and usually lives inside anemones. Interestingly enough, it’s a protandric hermaphrodite fish: all are born males, but when the most dominant stands out, it becomes a female to procreate. When the female dies, her role becomes that of the strongest remaining male.


It gets this name because its colors are similar to a parrot’s. Also, the shape of its jaw resembles a parrot’s beak.

A parrotfish swimming in the ocean.

Its greenish, bluish, purple and yellow tones are truly impressive. They certainly pique the interest of anyone who sees them. They live in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans and always live in coral reefs.

Betta fish

It’s commonly known as the velvet fish for its appearance, which looks like this fabric, and for its intense and bright colors. They come in different tones, since some are one color, red or blue, while others are a mixture of the tones with different shapes on their scales.

Two betta fish.

They live in Southeast Asia, and their body highlights the tail and fins, which seem to form a fan of feathers. Without a doubt, this fish is one more example of how capricious nature is.

These are what we consider to be the most beautiful fish in the animal world. Surely you’ve already seen one that you’d like to get as a pet?!

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