Humans and Dogs, Best Friends Forever

Humans and dogs share a special bond and it all goes back to ancient times. There are many studies out there to find out how this special relationship came about.
Humans and Dogs, Best Friends Forever

Last update: 26 June, 2019

Some say the friendship between humans and dogs dates back thousands of years. It seems that the very first civilizations we’re aware of already kept dogs around as guardians and hunting aids.

Why are humans and dogs so close? There’s definitely a very special chemistry between us and them, but where does it come from?

One reason may be because dogs are pack animals and they belong to a group and its leadership. However, we’re not talking about a boss or a master who controls their every move. On the contrary, it’s someone who sets standards and limits and shows them the best and safest way to do things.

On the other hand, humans like to be in charge. We also enjoy company, often love animals and want to protect those who depend on us. Furthermore, we instinctively wish to protect and care for those who are vulnerable or weaker.

Why human and dogs are best friends forever

A dog on a person's lap.

As the saying goes: “birds of a feather, flock together…” It’s clear that dogs have many traits that complement humans. For one, they make us feel good due to their unconditional love, and apparently, we also have what they need. What a brilliant exchange!

They did the rest…our furry friends, that is. The more we know them, the more they surprise us and the more we love them. We’re not even talking about physical beauty here. We’re referring to their kindness and empathy. Above all, their undivided attention and affection, and their loyalty to us.

Even when dogs were mere guardians or shepherds, it was clear they have many other characteristics that bind us, in one way or another, to them. This may be why our ancestors began to keep them as pets.

Dogs have always stood out for their obedience and their memory. For their eagerness to please us. And for their kindness, character, and intelligence. It’s likely that humans quickly realized how easily they could domesticate them. They’re so easy to train and always do their best to understand us and be there for us.

Dogs earned our affection, humans won theirs

Two dogs excited by a person.

Dogs became our pets over time as those feelings which innately emanate from them towards us made us bond forever. Some examples of the kind of attitudes that keep humans and dogs in an eternal alliance are:

  • Dogs seldom get angry. You may scold them and even spank them, and just before you can regret it they’ll be all over you all waggy tailed, looking for your attention.
  • Empathy is one of the most outstanding traits these animals have. They seem to be able to put themselves in your shoes. Not only that but they’ll do anything they can to make you feel better.
  • Your furry pal is quite capable of reading your emotions. A dog just knows when you’re sad, happy or angry, and acts accordingly.
  • Canines want you and will always give be affectionate towards you, even if you neglect them (which you shouldn’t). Your furry friend will love you ’til the end, regardless of what you do. So, given that they bring so many good things to our lives, why not reciprocate?

Some people say the relationship between humans and dogs has been around from the beginning of times. But even though we may not have an exact date for when this special friendship began, what we do know is this: it will last forever.

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