The 10 Best Social Networks for Your Pet

Social media has transformed not only the human world, but also the pet world. Nowadays there are many networks available on which you can register your pet, share photos, ask queries and connect with other animal lovers.
The 10 Best Social Networks for Your Pet

Last update: 15 August, 2019

Did you know that one out of every ten dogs has Facebook? It’s true! Animals are taking social networks, both those intended for pets and for people, by storm. Pet owners have realized that a funny photo can get lots of likes.

In fact, there are some dogs that have more followers than people, including celebrities. It’s becoming a trend. An increasing number of pets are showing off their best side on social networks.

It’s obvious that the pets’ network profiles are managed by their owners, but they seem so genuine and make you laugh so much that you just can’t stop following them.

Do you have a pet with a special charm? Perhaps you’re tempted by the idea of opening an account for them on a social network and letting everyone see their special talents. To help with this, you’ll find the best social networks for pets in this post.

Which are the best social networks for pets?

Using social networks on a phone.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… there are loads of networks to choose from. But which is the best? Or should you use all of them? The pet social network community recommends the following channels:


Mascotea is an app on which you can register your pet, no matter if they’re a dog, cat or any other animal. The main function of this app is to allow you to contact other pet owners so that your pets can become friends. And, who knows, maybe you’ll make some friends yourself!

Mascotea includes a directory of different useful services relating to your pet and an adoption section for abandoned animals.


This is a Spanish social network where you can register your pet, share photos, find a new home, or even a companion for your pet. This network is ideal for any pedigree dog owner who would like their pet to have puppies or crossbreed.


A network for sharing photos, videos or anything else about your pet. It can be used to raise questions, share experiences, and contact other pet owners.

It’s a great network for organizing events or meet-ups.


oggyTalky is very similar to Mascotaclub. The only difference is that you can explain what you want to achieve on your pet’s profile: a new home, new friends, crossbreeding, etc.

It also gives you the option of starting a conversation via the chat.


This is a broader social network that allows you to register reptiles, fish, horses or any other pet that you have. A new “best” pet is chosen each week, which is a great reward for their owner.


This network is very similar to others, but it has an added search service. If an animal is lost, the owner can share and distribute photos to find them.


This network has a great deal of pet information and vets available to answer any queries owners may have. This is much more than just a social network.


Image of Dogster app.


This network puts you in contact with other owners so you can chat. You can also learn a lot through their video tutorials and do a whole range of other things, including exchanges and asking questions. The only downside is that it’s currently only available in English.


Catmoji is only intended for cats and is very similar to the well-known social network Pinterest. Each cat has its own board with photos that you can share or like.

Awards are given to those who share the most and receive the most likes. This is only available in English, but it’s very easy to use, even if you don’t speak the language.


This network defines itself as “much more than a Facebook for dogs”. It doesn’t just have the same functions as Facebook – it also allows you to gain points that you can then exchange for food, accessories or toys, as is the social trend. That’s why more than 5,000 animals and registered on this network.

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