The Bengal Cat, a Miniature Leopard at Home

We've probably all dreamed about playing with a tiger or a leopard. Well, you can have a miniature leopard right at home by owning a bengal cat.
The Bengal Cat, a Miniature Leopard at Home

Last update: 06 March, 2019

A few months ago a video surfaced of a boy playing with some lion cubs and it went viral. After seeing it, everyone wanted to be able to do the same. Well, if you’re one of those people, then you’re in luck! You can have your own miniature leopard at home called the Bengal cat.

Today, we’re going to talk to you about this peculiar, yet not very well-known, species that is sure to steal everyone’s hearts. Do you want to learn more about him?

History, origin, and characteristics of the Bengal cat

This is a bengal cat.

The Bengal cat is a hybrid breed; it’s the result of a cross between a cat and a leopard, and is originally from America.

Physical characteristics

One of its main characteristics is the heaviness of its bones. It’s also very strong and muscular; males can reach up to 20 pounds while females can reach up to 9. 

So, if you want to transport a Bengal cat, you have to be in good physical shape!

Its tail is thick and hairy and it has very long, black legs, allowing him to walk with exceptional elegance. It has almond-shaped eyes that are always greenish-yellow.


The Bengal cat has beautiful, short, tabby-colored hair all over its body. There’s no other cat that has this kind of hair.

Its hair tends to clump, so, if you want to avoid that, you should wipe him down with a damp cloth a couple times a week. That way, his hair will always look beautiful.

Its second layer of fur can change color, becoming beige or a lighter brown, but it will always be tabby. Additionally, all Bengal cats have a tail with a black tip and mottled pads.


This species is hyperactive and very curious, much more so than other cats. Despite coming from a leopard, this animal is very affectionate and friendly. He likes to be with people and will love to be pampered all the time. Although many people might be afraid that the cat’s natural and wild instincts will awaken, they won’t. 

There are several generations of Bengal cats. The cats that are fourth generation, that come from other Bengal cats that have been pets, are well-socialized and are great pets. However, we recommend you to neuter them.

Another characteristic feature of Bengal cats is their cunning and audacity. So, if you have one, be careful to keep an eye on your food; if you turn away for too long, it won’t be there anymore.

Your pet might make you laugh with its acrobatics. When a Bengal cat is startled, its instincts will tell it to start doing things like somersaults or climbing the walls. 

Meet Thor, an exceptional Bengal cat

A cat being petted.

Thor is a Bengal cat that looks like he’s straight out of a painting. He looks totally perfect.

Thor lives in Belgium and perfectly reflects the physical characteristics, personality, and character of a Bengal cat. Since this breed is so little-known, Thor’s owner has published pictures of her ‘perfect Bengal cat’ that have gone viral. The truth is, when you see Thor, you can’t stop looking at him. 

Interestingly, his eyes are perfectly green instead of the greenish-yellow color other members of this breed have.

You can follow the link to find even more pictures of Thor.

If you like enjoying nature’s beauty, and, at the same time you’d like a caring, fun, curious companion that will wait at the door for you to come home, then don’t think twice. Adopt a Bengal cat, you won’t regret it!

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