Can Dogs Eat Strawberries?

May 9, 2021
Dogs can eat strawberries and many other fruits that are rich in sugar. Due to its high content of glucose and monosaccharides, its consumption should be limited.

Owners often feel the need to vary their dog’s diet. We think that if we like a certain fruit, then a dog will too. So, do you think dogs can eat strawberries?

The answer is yes, but you must be very careful with the fruits that you select to feed the dog, because some of them can be harmful to the animal’s health. Find out why dogs can eat strawberries and when they should be eaten, always in moderation.

Why strawberries?

Strawberries are fresh fruits with healthy antioxidant properties and rich in vitamin C. In the case of dogs, fruits can help to strengthen the pet’s immune system.

For this reason, strawberries can be a substitute for salty processed food when you want to add variety to your dog’s diet and, at the same time, help control their weight in the long term. All food rich in unprocessed sugars is healthy, but always in the right measure.

How to give strawberries to dogs

One thing should be clear: not all dogs can eat strawberries. This is because some dogs wouldn’t touch vegetables or fruit for anything in the world. On the other hand, the dog may have a physical and internal health condition, and the veterinarian will ban them from eating them. For example, diabetic dogs should avoid sugary fruits.

On the other hand, for dogs that like nutritious fruit – and especially strawberries – these can be a great snack for them. These sweet fruits can be used in many situations, such as the following:

  1. To refresh the dog in the summer, a few frozen strawberries will go down very well and aid in its digestion.
  2. Give him bits of strawberries in his daily food plate, but don’t forget to wash them well.
A dog eats strawberries.

How many strawberries should dogs eat?

It’s advisable to first consult a veterinarian to determine whether your dog can eat strawberries and, secondly, to evaluate how appropriate it is according to the size of the dog and its state of health.

If you have never given your dog strawberries, start with small amounts, so that he or she will discover and experience the flavor of this fruit.

In addition to this recommendation, and now that you know that dogs can eat strawberries, it’s time to prepare a wide variety of homemade recipes with this fruit. For example, dogs love strawberry and yogurt popsicles, without too much sugar, as a high degree of glucose in the food is a generator of diabetes.

Benefits of strawberries

Dogs can eat strawberries and, in addition, they bring great benefits. These fruits are low in fat and calories, making them a natural snack, suitable for dogs. They also provide the following benefits:

  1. 90% of their composition is water, which in turn makes strawberries an ideal food to hydrate the dog.
  2. Strawberry is rich in vitamin C, B2, B3 and B6. These micronutrients are essential for the development of metabolism in dogs.
  3. Contributes to the creation of cells that delay aging.
  4. Contains a large amount of fiber. This helps relieve constipation.

Last but not least, avoid giving your dog strawberry juice and chocolate covered strawberries, as they can cause stomach damage. The more natural the food you give your dog is, the better.

Strawberry precautions

It has been seen that the consumption of strawberries can sometimes cause an allergy in the dog, such as skin irritation, for example. The main risk is related to the excessive consumption of fruit, but also to genetic predisposing that the animal can show when it comes to developing intolerance for some foods.

On the other hand, strawberries contain a chemical (goitrogens) that can complicate the chronic health of a dog when it’s already sick. Goitrogens are natural substances that limit the proper functioning of the thyroid. Thus, in a scenario like this, the consultation and advice of a veterinarian will be of utmost importance.

It’s essential to wash and disinfect strawberries to remove parasites and bacteria.

Strawberries as a recommendation

In principle, there’s no risk associated with the consumption of strawberries for dogs. Organizations like the American Kennel Club recommend strawberries as a healthy alternative food. Even so, it will be the veterinarian who determines what is best in each case when analyzing the dog’s health.

Food with probiotics for dogs.

Dogs can eat strawberries and many other fruits, but you must be careful with their administration, due to their proportion of sugars. The dosage is the key to an excellent diet for dogs.