9 Zoology Books You Should Read

With these nine books you will learn a lot about zoology, as they cover a selection for all tastes regarding animals.
9 Zoology Books You Should Read

Last update: 28 December, 2020

Zoology is the science that studies animals, so its scope of investigation is very wide. Moreover, it incorporates branches specialized in different types of living beings. This is reflected in the very extensive bibliography existing on the subject. With this list of nine zoology books we try to bring together a varied selection of animal science, that is, the various groups of the animal kingdom and their particularities.

If you can’t decide on a specific group or want to have a global vision about living beings, these are some of the books that you can’t miss.

1. Integrated Principles of Zoology, Cleveland Hickman

An essential book to initiate you in the world of zoology and to give a global view of where each animal species fits, its main characteristics, evolution and kinship. Even if it’s not an easy read, it’s necessary in order to have a scientific vision of zoology.

2. King Solomon’s Ring, Konrad Lorenz

If you want to know more about this renowned zoologist, ethologist and ornithologist, this is your book. In these pages, you can read about his experiences, research, and anecdotes after years of work and observation of birds, rats, fish, and capuchin monkeys. Also, by reading this book, you’ll understand why geese used to follow him everywhere.

3. Collins Bird Guide, Lars Svensson

This is one of the most complete bird guides, with information about each European species. It details how to differentiate them, where they live, whether they’re resident or migratory, and much more relevant data. Hence, this is an essential book for bird lovers. Along with a pair of binoculars and a camera, it’s part of the perfect kit for a day in the countryside.

A bird guide and binoculars.

4. Horses in Company, Lucy Rees

This book can help you learn a lot about social relationships within wild horse herds and their hierarchical organization. Especially so, as Lucy Rees is a famous equine ethologist who’s breaking many paradigms about horses and how to communicate with them.

5. Invertebrate Zoology, Rupert and Barnes

This is one of the best zoology books for getting to know the world of invertebrates. Throughout its more than 1000 pages, you can learn how they’re classified, the traits of terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates, etc.

6. The Dance Language and Orientation of Bees, Karl von Frisch

Have you ever wondered what the bees’ dance means? How are they able to interpret the direction, location and type of food through dance? Karl von Frisch solves all these questions in his detailed study on honeycombs.

7. Bird Sense: What It’s Like to Be a Bird, Tim Birkhead

It’s obviously difficult to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. Now, imagine yourself in the shoes of an animal as different from us as a robin. Tim Birkhead brings us closer to birds through their senses: how they see, how they smell, and how they feel. With this particular approach, however, you’ll be able to learn much more about the incredible capabilities of these animals.

8. Field Guide to the Amphibians and Reptiles of Britain and Europe, Jeroen Speybroeck

Furthermore, if you’re interested in the world of herpetology, you can start with this guide. In addition to the descriptions of each species, you’ll find illustrations, distribution maps and photographs that will help you identify the different reptiles that inhabit Britain and Europe.

Surely, with the help of these guides, you can get to know many aspects about a certain species. Don’t forget that putting knowledge into practice during a field trip is the best way to learn it.

9. Animals Tracks and Signs, Bang, P. and Dahlstrom

Every zoologist is aware that it’s often not easy to find animals in the middle of nature. However, their traces are there. The best way to know which animal has passed through a place is by observing the environment, and its tracks and signs. Therefore, with this guide you can learn to observe small details that go unnoticed to the eyes of many.

If your passion is the sea, you can also get initiated in the world of fish with the Mediterranean and Atlantic Fish Guide by Helmut Debelius.

A rat among books.

To conclude, these are some zoology books that can transport you into the world of the millions of different species of animals that inhabit the planet Earth. By immersing yourself in these pages you’re receiving essential knowledge, because getting to know about the different species of animals is the first step in preserving them and avoiding their extinction.

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