Companions of the Crown: Queen Elizabeth's Dogs and Her Love for Them

We take a special look at Queen Elizabeth's dogs and even many of their names!
Companions of the Crown: Queen Elizabeth's Dogs and Her Love for Them

Last update: 10 January, 2023

Throughout her public life, Queen Elizabeth II was always surrounded by corgi dogs. This is one of the reasons why they became so popular and were even featured in different movies and books. As a small commemoration of the monarch’s death, we remember Queen Elizabeth’s dogs and how they accompanied her throughout her reign.

Queen Elizabeth’s dogs

Queen Elizabeth's dogs.
Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite breed of dog were the corgis.

Queen Elizabeth II will be remembered as the longest-lived queen in history (she spent 7 decades in the service of the British crown), and also for her immense love for dogs. She herself told Vanity Fair that the Pembroke Welsh corgi was her favorite breed. Additionally, she mentioned that she also loved dorgis, a cross between a corgi and a dachshund.

The first pet she had was a corgi named Dookie, which was given to her by her father, King George VI. Thus, from the age of 18 until the end of her life, she was surrounded by corgis, dorgis, and cocker spaniels.

In total, the British monarch had more than 30 dogs, many born within the British family. This is because her love for them led the Queen to have her own kennel of corgis and dorgis.

Her dogs were just as famous as she was

Queen Elizabeth’s dogs were just as famous as she was. There are even entire books dedicated to them. The dogs’ names have had a lot to do with the crown. These are some of the most well-known ones: Dookie, Whisky, Sherry, Cider, Berry, Sugar, Honey, Honey, Candy, Emma, Monty, Heather, Gryffindor, Harris, Brandy, Swift, Vulcan, Phoenix, Whisper, Muick, Fergus, Sandy and Lissy.

Although all of them were much loved by their queen, we can highlight Dookie, her first dog; Candy, the oldest, and Whisper, who died at the age of 12, and who got a beautiful and very heartfelt letter written by the monarch.

Queen Elizabeth.
The Queen used to take her dogs on state visits. Source:

The dogs that survive after the death of Queen Elizabeth II

Upon her death, the Queen left behind four furry mourners – Sandy, Muick, Candy and Lissy. The first two are corgis, the third is a dorgi and the fourth is a cocker spaniel, a gift from her granddaughters.

It’s to be hoped that after the departure of their beloved guardian and Queen they will continue to enjoy the care she provided. It’s well known that they have a very specific diet, and their own chef to ensure they get the right food.

According to Darren McGrady, former chef to the crown, “whenever the Queen could, she fed her dogs herself, it was a nightly ritual for her”.

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