Hope of Life for Homeless Dogs

Abandonment remains a growing evil in many parts of the world and there are more and more dogs living on the street everyday. The question is, is there hope of life for these dogs?
Hope of Life for Homeless Dogs

Last update: 22 October, 2019

Not long ago, in another article, we mentioned a wonderful initiative started in the US which had the intention of saving about two hundred dogs in Puerto Rico. This is currently one of the countries with the highest animal abandonment rate. But, the question remains, is there hope of life for homeless dogs?

Thanks to volunteers like the Wings Of Rescue workers, the dogs from Puerto Rico will have a second opportunity.

Today, Puerto Rico is again the subject of this story. Even though there are some campaigns that try to make people aware of the need to control canine birth and take care of animals, there are still many abandoned animals on this island.

So, it’s for this reason that the Monmouth Animal Protective Society says they launched a project to do something about it. Let’s see what it’s about.

The hope of life for these dogs

An abandoned dog.


Thanks to The Humane Society and Wings of Hope, two nonprofit organizations in the United States, 200 dogs were relocated from this beautiful island to various parts of the country.

Seventy dogs, in particular, arrived in New Jersey. Thus, the Sato Project brought new hope of life for these abandoned dogs.

In fact, Ross Licitra, from the aforementioned animal protective society, said verbatim:

“We’re delighted to house rescued dogs from Puerto Rico through the Sato Project. We’ve always had great success in adopting dogs and have received great support from our communities. We believe that all animals deserve a second chance and we’re proud to be rescuing them.”

It wasn’t only these seventy dogs who got a second chance; at least 130 more moved to other places.

However, let’s focus on Monmouth. The activists wanted to set the record straight about how the city donated lighting equipment, which was all to facilitate the landing of the animals.

Likewise, another organization in the area, called Wegmans of Ocean, provided food for both staff and animals. Of course, the Animal Protective Society will take care of the costs of medical evaluations and any necessary extras. All this to ensure that the animals are in good health.

They hope to be able to offer them up for adoption within a few weeks.

There’s a chance for abandoned dogs

A couple of young street dogs.

This beautiful initiative reminds us how others really put themselves out there in order to end abandonment. But these are just a few organizations; there are more.

For example, there are many others who do so independently. Their story may still be anonymous and yet they’re currently leading some major initiatives:

  • Documentary film. Perro, Demasiado Humano, is the Spanish name of a documentary about abandonment. It translates to “Dog, All too Human” and, in general, expresses the feelings of a dog when someone abandons them.
  • Videos. There’s a video about an abandonment case that shocked the world. It tells the story of a man who was going to abandon his dog in the forest, and immediately after doing so has an accident. Ironically, the dog saved his life.
  • Fashion show. Someone organized a gala dog fashion show in which the profits would be used to build five “soup” kitchens to cater to abandoned dogs.
  • Perroton. This is a marathon with dogs and their owners. The proceeds benefited the Perrotón Association, a non-profit association that works towards ending animal abuse and neglect.

So, we hope that initiatives like these will continue to be launched. Thus, only in this way will we be able to gradually give hope of life to abandoned dogs. Have you signed up yet?

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