Three Benefits of Purr Therapy

The human nervous system is one of the greatest beneficiaries of purr therapy, as it reduces some of the problems that affect thousands of people.
Three Benefits of Purr Therapy
Samuel Sanchez

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Last update: 22 December, 2022

A simple purr can serve as therapy and bring several health benefits to humans. Indeed, having a cat in your life can help reduce stress and any other problems related to anxiety.

It’s all due to the sound waves produced by the feline’s purring as these are in a range of 25 to 50 hertz — a spectrum perfectly audible to humans. This manifestation is usually associated with a form of expression of positive emotions on the part of the cat; however, some studies assert these animals produce this sound in other situations.

How to begin purr therapy

The purrs or vibrations are produced in the pharynx and diaphragm of the feline, places where voluntary blood flow passes through the vena cava. The blood begins to circulate through this narrowing and generates waves that transfer to the cranial cavities through the trachea and produces this vibratory field in the cat’s body.

This is why it’s important to understand that the benefits of purr therapy aren’t exclusively for human ears. The main objective of this procedure is to intervene in the nervous or skeletal system, especially in the affected points.

You don’t have to use hearing aids and increase the volume to do so correctly, because the secret is in the tone and frequency of the vibrations. These must reproduce through an external loudspeaker suitable for low frequencies and directed to the affected area of the patient or animal.

Continue reading to find out more about the benefits of purr therapy. You’ll be quite amazed at the impact a simple gesture of a feline could have on your body.

A cat on a bench.

1. It can reduce muscle tension

Work-related stress or difficult situations often cause severe pain and it accumulates in areas such as the neck or trunk. The help purring provides lies in the serenity it transmits to a patient, who allows their muscles to relax, thereby reducing joint exhaustion.

The release of tension points allows people to move more easily and eliminate the pain caused by stress.

2. Purr therapy reduces stress and anxiety

These two disorders affect millions of people in the world but purr therapy can treat them. Some studies point out that the cat releases endorphins due to the vibrations and these work to relieve the medical conditions mentioned above.

Regardless of the factors that produce anxiety and stress, the waves generated by the vibrations help a person relax. The main objective is to reduce anxiety and transport people to a peaceful place for a set period of time.

3. Treatment of depression

Purr therapy is a strong defense mechanism against depression. This is because depression is usually the result of situations of sadness and anxiety, factors that can be reduced by the peace that purring generates. Thanks to it, the speed of blood pulsations decreases, and the patient’s mind relaxes.

Likewise, the purring of cats increases the production of serotonin, a hormone that promotes positivism and happiness in the human brain.

In addition, small felines emit these vibrations near their loved ones so as to receive attention. People’s demonstrations of affection towards these animals increase self-esteem because the owner translates the sound as joy and acceptance.

How to differentiate the purr of cats?

Just like people, cats also have a different vibration due to variations in their tone and frequency. Here’s a list of behavior that’ll help you understand your pet’s mood:

  • Irregular purring means they’re happy
  • Regular, loud purring means the cat wants petting, food, or water
  • Loud purring means they’re in pain and require attention
  • Melodic or even purring means the pet is uncomfortable
A cat sleeping on a bench.

Finally, this method is of great help to people and can bring many benefits to their mental and physical health. Researchers are still conducting studies to determine the scientific value of purr therapy on people. But, of course, that’s not to stop you from taking advantage of the known benefits in the meantime.

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