A Dog Playing Soccer: Ronaldog

The average dog loves to play catch, tug of war, and chase something, but have you ever met a dog that can play soccer? There's one, Ronaldog!
A Dog Playing Soccer: Ronaldog

Last update: 25 September, 2020

There are many dogs that surprise us with their abilities and habits. The dog we’ll be bringing you today is no exception – a dog playing soccer! Meet Ronaldog!

In My Animals, we’ve always recommended that you adopt a dog instead of buying one, because rescue dogs need to have a home. In fact, most cases like Ronaldog are adopted animals. As we say, this isn’t the exception.

A dog playing soccer

Nobody knows his original name, because this cute black dog was abandoned. But Ronaldog was such a friendly, affectionate and playful dog that he was adopted by the Simpkins family.

Ronaldog joined the Simpkins’ house when he was still a small puppy and since then he showed a special interest in footballs. He didn’t like other toys, he just liked balls that were far bigger than he was.

His skill with the ball started to increase. According to Peter Simpkins, “we had a lot of fun watching him try to control the ball when he was a puppy, but he soon improved his skills“.

Because of that, they decided to find a name more in line with his abilities. They chose Ronaldog, in honor of the famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo.

A dog playing soccer on YouTube

The Simpkins family soon decided to share their dog’s skills with the world on YouTube, without thinking it would go viral!

The video received thousands of likes and comments. For this reason, Ronaldog’s owners decided to keep sharing more and more videos online of their dog playing soccer, they even created a channel with the same name: Ronaldog. Would you like to see one of them? Then click below!

Ronaldog isn’t the only famous dog playing soccer on social media. There have been many others that have made us laugh and even cry. Let’s remember some!

Other dogs on social media

  • Oscar. You may remember this Argentinean dog who became famous for his cute little whimper when his owner explained that he couldn’t move house with them because the airlines wouldn’t let him fly. It’s so sweet!
  • The lion dog. A German photographer saved a street dog in Malaga and put a lion wig on him. She took him everywhere and took loads of pictures of him in different parts of the world. She shared the photos on social media, and now the lion dog is an icon!
  • Pancho. This is a dog that does yoga with his owner. He also became really famous online!
  • The lord dog. This Schnauzer travels around the world and his owner takes pictures of him everywhere they go.
  • Loki. And finally Loki, the traveling dog. His photos in different parts of the world have become some of the most famous online.

Source of the image: www.holaciudad.com

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