Five of the Most Loving Pets!

Not all animals are great as pets, let alone loving. As you know, every creature has a character and personality of their own that makes us unique.
Five of the Most Loving Pets!

Last update: 19 July, 2019

Not all animals are great as pets, let alone loving. As you know, every creature has a character and personality of their own that makes them unique. If we treat them well and take good care of them, then the animals we bring home will reciprocate. Not only will they be loyal and give us their trust, but also their affection.

However, not all of them express it clearly. In order to understand your pets, you need to also understand the natural behavior of animals. That way you’ll make them feel as safe as they need to feel. The following five species are among the most loving pets.

The 5 most loving pets

1. Dogs

Of course, man’s best friend tops the list. Thousands of years of domestication have made them our most faithful allies. The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) has classifications for dogs according to the nature and behavior of 349 breeds.

There are hunter dogs, guardians, shepherds, cowherds, and companions. The latter, classified as such because of their acquiescence and low key temperament. Dogs are usually much more affectionate with their owners and with the children in their adoptive families.

A well-socialized dog will also be affectionate towards other animals and strangers. However, keep in mind that this is a generality. As we said above, each mind is a universe and any dog ​​can be a good pet. Dogs are undoubtedly among the most loving pets (if not the most loving).

2. Cats

A closeup of a cat looking up.

This is another animal that tops people’s list. Indeed, cats are quite different from dogs, but they’re affectionate all the same. They definitely know how to love you back. If you have a cat, you’ll know that you have to respect their space at all times.

This is because cats are independent creatures and bonding with them can only happen through respect. Especially respect for their personal space. You can’t force a feline to do anything they don’t want to do. Neither will you succeed by punishing them if they were naughty. Still, they’ll come to you as soon as they need attention and affection –which is often.

3. Rabbits are rather loving pets

A rabbit sniffing a piece of cloth.

Rabbits are social animals that adapt well to human company. Especially if you adopt them early in their life. Out there in the real [wild] world, these animals are often the prey of bigger and stronger animals. For this reason, they can be a bit scared sometimes.

So, you’ll need to spend time with them and remain patient in your relationship with them. Amazingly, once you create a strong bond with them, they’ll follow you around and seek your company.

To have a rabbit as a pet, you’ll need a large cage adapted to their needs. Also, they’ll require water and food, just like any other animal. In addition, some hay or any other kind of substrate for the floor so it stays well insulated –at a certain temperature and away from drafts.

Bunnies can roam free around the house or garden. They like exploring and interacting with one another. Just like with any other pet, they’ll need veterinarian care in the form of regular checkups and vaccinations.

Note that their spines are very fragile, so be careful when you pick them up. The damage mainly happens when they start kicking in the air.

4. Small birds

Some Psittacine groups (parrots) are rather popular as pets. So much so, they’re now an invasive species. Some have run away from captivity and have begun multiplying in climates that were favorable to them.

There are many groups of birds who have lived together in human homes for many years. Parakeets, canaries, Agapornis (lovebirds), and other parrots, among them.

Birds can be loving pets.

There are many videos and photos on social media of people with birds perched on their shoulders. However, it doesn’t mean it’ll happen the moment we adopt one. Still, birds can be some of the most loving pets, although you’ll have to establish a certain degree of trust with them.

Birds need stimulation. Their cage has to be large and with perches, swings, and toys. They also need to exercise, so they should be able to fly around the house every day. Close the windows if you don’t trust they’ll return.

A bird will get used to your presence, little by little. In the beginning, you can stay nearby and offer them food. As the days go by you’ll both become closer. They’ll start visiting and will be eating from your hand in no time. They may even perch on it.

Once you get them to that level, you can start moving progressively until they feel safe with you. This way you’ll establish a relationship with your winged friend.

5. Rodents: rat, guinea pig, chinchilla, hamster, gerbils…

Rodents are also common as pets, especially for children. They’re highly social animals, and they like to live in large groups. This is why you should always have at least a pair of them.

All rodents are elusive, but if you get them when they’re young and treat them carefully and non-invasively, then they’ll be excellent pets.

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