The 6 Rarest Pets in the World

Apart from cats and dogs, there are rare and unusual animals that are now considered as pets in many homes.
The 6 Rarest Pets in the World

Last update: 08 June, 2021

The world is full of many animal species that have accompanied man throughout history. Today, what we define as a common pet has become a wider concept and has started to embrace some of the rarest pets of all, all with the role of giving their owners a bit of company.

Dogs, cats, fish, and rabbits are no longer the main option for those who want to give an animal a home. Today there are many birds, lizards and small mammals that make up the group of exotic or rare pets around the world. Here are some examples of species from that group.

1. Sugar glider

Known as sugar gliders, these animals are constantly mistaken for hamsters, and are thought to be rodents. However, the reality is that they are marsupials that prefer sugary foods, which is why they acquire the mentioned name.

The diet of the sugar glider includes insects and other foods that, unfortunately, aren’t very easy to get hold of. Although it seems harmless, it has very sharp claws and teeth, ready to attack most people who approach it. For this reason, a sugar glider isn’t recommended as a pet for households with children.

This mammal is one of the rarest pets in the world, but no evidence of domestication has been shown, despite it being a very intelligent animal. Its behavior is nocturnal and it makes a lot of noise during the day. On the other hand, it needs other individuals of its species to survive, as it doesn’t adapt to loneliness.

For this reason, every first-time owner should discard the sugar glider as a pet.

One of the rarest pets in the world.

2. Fennec or desert fox

This species (Vulpes zerda) has experienced a real boom in recent years, as humans have irresponsibly adopted the desert fox as a companion animal. It’s important to mention that having a pet fennec fox isn’t the most advisable, as it’s impossible to attend to its needs in a closed apartment or home.

It’s a very sociable animal and, in addition, it lives in large families, which is why it shouldn’t be considered as a pet. In the same way, it’s almost impossible to replicate its natural habitat, as the temperature of the Sahara desert is between 40º C and -40º C, depending on whether it’s day or night. The fennec fox is a wild animal with nocturnal habits and locking it up would only cause its death.

The glider could be accepted as a pet on some occasions, but the fennec fox never should.

One of the rarest pets in the world.

3. Miniature donkey

The miniature donkey is a very long-lived animal that, due to its fur and height, usually resembles a giant stuffed animal. In addition, it’s cute and good with infants, which can increase the desire to have it as a pet if you have children. However, it isn’t a living being to ride on, and you have to be careful with its behavior, as the miniature donkey is very clever.

This equid weighs up to 130 kilos (286 lbs) and doesn’t exceed 80 centimeters (31 inches) in height, so it isn’t very easy to hug it as you would other common pets. In addition, it’s important to recognize that you’ll need plenty of space for recreation and constant nutrition and hydration, as well as frequent vaccinations and cleanings.

If you decide to opt for this species as a pet, you should consider getting more than two specimens, since donkeys interact better in company. A lack of stimuli in the form of companions of the same species can be harmful to the health of the animal.

The miniature donkey can live between 35 and 40 years and is an animal that can get along well with dogs and goats.

A couple of happy donkeys.

4. Bearded dragon

Another of the rarest pets in the world is the bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps), a reptile chosen by many people who, due to legal impediments, can’t have a crocodile or monitor lizard as a pet. It’s one of the easiest reptiles to care for.

These animals are omnivores and native to Australia. They’re no more than one meter (3.3 feet) in length and have become popular as pets, thanks to their simple care and inexpensive maintenance.

These lizards are named after the pointed spines found on their throats.

The face of a pogona.

5. Stick insect

Stick insects belong to the order Phasmatodea, which groups together more than 3,000 species with different physical aspects. Most species measure between 6 and 7 centimeters (2-3 inches) and, although it sounds a bit strange, having a pet stick insect has become very common today.

People with eccentric or particular tastes have chosen the stick insect as the pet for their style of life. Although they aren’t the most affectionate animals, they are very interesting. Although the care of the stick insect is very simple, the body of this insect is very sensitive, and can break very easily.

Most species of stick insects do well in a mesh butterfly garden. All are herbivores and usually accept mulberry leaves or rose bushes.

A specimen of Sungaya inexpectata.

6. Miniature pigs

In recent years, the miniature pig has become one of the rarest pets in the world. Despite being a farm animal, social networks have made the “mini pig” go viral and it’s constantly compared with dogs in terms of its measurements. It doesn’t weigh any more than 30 kilos (66 lbs) and has a high level of intelligence, so they can be trained without a problem. Unlike other animals, it prefers to be the center of attention.

One of the rarest pets in the world.

Some more of the rarest pets in the world

Apart from cats, dogs and fish, there are many more species that, little by little, have entered homes around the world. Reptiles, rodents, fish, and other taxa make up this group. Whatever the case, it’s always recommended to know the current state of conservation of the animal you’d like to purchase, to ensure that you don’t commit a crime by having a prohibited species as a pet.

Here are more of the rarest pets in the world:

  • Giant Madagascar cockroaches (Gromphadorhina portentosa)
  • Hedgehogs (Subfamily Erinaceinae)
  • Tarantulas (Family Lycosidae)
  • Boas (Family Boidae)
Roaches can be pets.

As you know, there are many different animal species that keep humans company throughout the world. Regardless of their appearance or the complexity of their care, many people choose to give a home to some of the rarest pets, and this trend is increasing all the time.

The most advisable thing is to choose a pet you feel comfortable with, and, above all, one that you’ll be able to give all the attention and affection that it needs. You also need to keep in mind, though, that many animals will never be able to be tamed, despite how many times you try.

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