The Most Famous Pets on Facebook

If you spend time on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, then you're probably familiar with the world of memes and animal videos. Today we're going to tell you about the most famous ones on Facebook.
The Most Famous Pets on Facebook

Last update: 07 June, 2019

Famous pets are all the rage online. So much so that their pages on social media sites have more followers than many human celebrities. Even though we’ve written about famous pets on numerous occasions, today we’d like to talk about the famous pets on Facebook, the largest social network in the world.

On these sites, you can see many interesting things about these animals. Their amusing behavior, strange postures, obsession with certain objects, or their inspiring stories. They have thousands of followers that keep track of their antics.

Famous Pets on Facebook

Lil Bub

A close up of Lil Bub.

With nearly 1,500,000 followers, Lil Bub is famous for having no teeth (he never grew any). It’s for this reason that he’s always sticking out his bright pink tongue. As if that wasn’t enough, the cat also has a fifth leg. Because of this, he’s earned the admiration of his followers.

In fact, there’s already a book about him and he was in a movie. So his fame goes beyond his Facebook page.


This little dog has about 400,000 followers on Facebook thanks to the heart-wrenching story he had with his owner.

The man was highly depressed after breaking up with his girlfriend. So much so that he was considering suicide. However, the dog inspired him to change his mind. Later on, when Schoep became ill with arthritis, his owner took him daily to the warm waters of a lake in order to soothe the animal’s pain.

Schoep died a while ago, and his owner sadly admits that the animal was the best thing that ever happened to him. If it hadn’t been for his dog, he would be dead too.


This dog has over 200,000 likes and is known as “the blind cat.” He was rescued near a farm and his eyes were already missing. The people who found him didn’t hesitate to adopt it. Despite his disability, Oskar has a completely normal life and gets along great with his new “brother,” Klaus.


This cutie has 170,000 likes on Facebook. Hers is a sad story as she has Vestibular Syndrome, a condition that made all of her teeth fall out and led to a chronic tilting of her head.

Amazingly, she is quite flirtatious and loves to wear the new hairstyles and pink accessories provided by her owner. She looks gorgeous in them!

Famous pets: Tuna

Tuna the dog looking at the camera.


This dog has already reached about 100,000 fans on Facebook. Tuna is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund. However, his jaw is so prominent and his chin so wrinkly that it immediately grabs the attention of anyone who sees it.

He was abandoned because of these very same features.

Corgnelius and Stumphrey

Corgnelius and Stumphrey are siblings who look just like twins. Furthermore, they love to pose for photos and have become quite endearing for many people to look at. Somehow they’ve even managed to launch a book about their life.

With over 60,000 followers on Facebook, these corgies will still provide many more photos to delight their fans with.

Famous pets: Conclusion

Well, these are just 6 of the most famous pets on Facebook. Certainly, there are many other pets that also have a niche in the world of social media.

What’s curious is that previous owners often rejected these pets precisely because of the traits that ended up making them famous. For sure their former humans regret losing them. But, we’re happy they have a home where their humans love them beyond the economic benefits brought to them. After all, love can be rented but never bought.

So, hurray for the courage of these pets and for the families that love them.

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