From the Movie 'Up,' Dug Becomes Real

From the movie 'Up,' the famous dog Dug becomes real and appeared in real life. He surprised children and adults in a park in the United States. 
From the Movie 'Up,' Dug Becomes Real

Last update: 03 April, 2019

The movie “Up” was created by Disney and Pixar in 2009 and won an Oscar. This story stole the hearts of millions of people around the world. The plot of the movie includes an old man who decides not to sell his house. At the end of the film, he ends up finding the place he had always dreamed of seeing with his wife. Today, we’ll tell you how Dug becomes real, with the help of Disney.

Dug, the protagonist of the movie

For those of us who love dogs, and the movies, you’ll watch the friendship unfold between Mr. Fredricksen and Russell. Mr. Fredricksen is a grumpy old man who doesn’t want to accept his new life without his wife, and Russell is an intrepid boy scout who only wants to do good in the world.

Then, there’s Dug, who becomes a companion to both of them. Later on in the movie, he’ll have the opportunity to show his courage and loyalty. 

One of the most interesting parts of the film takes place when Dug puts on a collar that allows him to talk and interact with people. Many dog owners would be very happy to have a collar like this for their dog. That way, we could better interact with our pets

There’s no doubt that Dug is the character that the audience most fell in love with.

He displays ingenuity and has such a good sense of humor. This made the main characters in the movie want to keep him, and it even made many members of the audience want to get a Golden Retriever. Of course, they wanted one that could speak!

Dug becomes real

This magic became true a while back in the USA. Disney unveiled a video in which a beautiful dog – the same breed as Dug – surprised adults and children alike in a park in the United States.

But there were even more surprises. The person who spoke from the famous dog’s collar was none other than Bob Peterson. He was the co-director of ‘Up’ and Dug’s original voice double.

What was he saying? Things like “I’m a good dog,’ ‘that’s a great place to scratch,’ ‘ball!’ ‘I must look for a stick,’ and ‘goodbye little human.’ All those words came out of the canine collar. 

A movie character

Anyone who saw the movie ‘Up’ would agree that Dug was the most loved character. This was because of his innocence and his great sense of humor.

Another new feature is on the YouTube channel Oh my Disney. They created a video where a real dog plays Dug. This is another way that Dug becomes real.

It’s great fun to watch everyone’s reactions in the park, both children and adults. Everyday a little one has the opportunity to play with Dug himself.

These daily scenes correspond with the first episode of a new series project called ‘Disney IRL’ (Disney in Real Life). The future episodes will revolve around different characters from the famous studio. They will face fun situations in real life. 

A blockbuster

‘Up’ got really great reviews after its premiere and was recognized as the best film in 2009. In addition, it managed to earn more than 730 million dollars worldwide.

It also became the third most successful film in the production company’s history. The only two films in front of it are ‘Finding Nemo’ from 2003 and ‘Toy Story 3’ from 2010.

As far as the other awards it has earned, apart from two Oscars, it’s only the second animated film to have received a nomination for best film, after ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in 1991. 

Other awards include Golden Globes in the categories of best animated film and best soundtrack.

Dug’s name and voice

The movie’s creators said it took a lot of time to choose Dug’s name. Those involved in Pixar films must be very careful when creating their characters. Dug’s name was suggested right at the beginning, but it wasn’t chosen right away.

Bob Peterson, who was responsible for the voice of Dug, said this is the funniest character he’s ever worked with. This is saying a lot, since he’s been the voice of characters from movies like ‘Monsters Inc.,’ ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Cars.’

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