Meet the Dogs of the European Royalty

Today we'd like you to meet the dogs of the European royalty.
Meet the Dogs of the European Royalty

Last update: 16 June, 2021

Canines are people’s best friends, regardless of their occupation or social status or whether they were divinely chosen or not. And, in today’s article, we’d like you to meet the dogs of European royalty. For some reason, they often capture the attention of a lot of people.

Meet the dogs of the European royalty

Ever since dogs became our pets, the rightful heirs to the thrones of Europe have also had many as their best friends. For instance, King Charles II had a Cavalier, Prince Albert an Eos greyhound and Eduardo VI a Fox Terrier named César. Also, Queen Alexandra had a Japanese Chin. Of course, current royalty also have dogs and these are some of them:

1. Black Labrador (Holland)

The Dutch royal family and their dogs.

King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima, and their three princesses: Orange Amalia, Alexia, and Ariane have two beautiful Black Labradors called Skipper and Nala who go with them everywhere they go. They’re even around on their vacations and photography sessions at the beach.

2. Meet the dogs of British Monarchy – Welsh Corgi

Queen Elizabeth of England has had at least 30 Welsh Corgis throughout her life. In fact, she considers them part of her family. Since the 50s the Corgi is “the official dog” of the English crown. It’s even part of a breeding program to continue the species. Currently, she has two Corgis whose names are Holly and Willow.

3. Dachshund (Monaco)

Princess Carolina has had many pets in her life, from a Yorkshire Terrier to a German Shepherd named Atmo. In addition, she had a Labrador named Funny Face, and a Boxer who responded to the name Hagler. Currently, she has two Dachshunds that follow her everywhere she goes (from the ski resorts to the beach).

4. Labrador Retriever (Sweden)

Another dog that belongs to the European crowns is Jambo. He’s worshiped by Princess Victoria — the heiress to the throne in Sweden. Thus, the dog appears in many official portraits and royal celebrations.

5. Cocker Spaniel (England)

William and Kate.

Apparently, Elizabeth’s love for pets was inherited by Prince William. When his wife Kate became pregnant with their first child George, the couple adopted Lupo, a beautiful black Cocker Spaniel who’s often in their family portraits.

When Lupo arrived as a present from Kate’s parents, he was a problem for the Court. This is because the Queen doesn’t allow it in her Residence of Sandringham (where they celebrate Christmas) because he might bother her beloved Corgis.

6. Meet the dogs of the Danish crown – Dachshund

Queen Margrethe and her husband Prince Henrik de Laborde are always accompanied by their Dachshund dogs. However, they’re not the only ones in the Danish royal house who love dogs. Prince, Frederick, recently lost his faithful friend Ziggy. He was a border collie he received as a gift when he got married 12 years ago. There are several photos of the dog and the couple’s children (Christian, Isabella, Vincent, and Josephine).

7. Lhasa Apso (Spain)

Queen Sofia is a certified animal lover, and more specifically of this breed. So, we couldn’t leave them out of this list. She also has a Saint Bernard, Beethoven, and Paquita, a mongrel she adopted from a shelter.

As for King Felipe VI, he also loves dogs and even has a Schnauzer by the name of Pushkin, with whom he plays together with his daughters Leonor and Sofia. And that’s not all, Infanta Elena, the sister of the King, also has a beautiful Fox Terrier she gave as present to her children Felipe and Victoria Federica.

8. Jack Russell Terrier (Belgium)

King Alberto and his wife Paola often go out for pleasant walks. They’re always in the company of their white and brown Jack Russell Terrier called Pikki. The dog is even in their many photo sessions at the Castle of Laeken in Brussels.

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