Running of the Bulldogs and Bulldog Day

What's your idea of a perfect day? The answer, to many of us, consists of attending Running with the Bulldogs at Canterbury Park, especially if the weather is gorgeous.
Running of the Bulldogs and Bulldog Day

Last update: 23 June, 2019

As canine sports become fashionable, initiatives such as Running of the Bulldogs bring out the spirit of camaraderie and cooperation in everyone involved.

The 2018 annual Running of the Bulldogs took place on May 26 and had over 15,000 visitors. There were 72 bulldogs and six heats (sprints). The winner of each heat won an invitation to return for the Bark in the Park championship races on Labor Day.

Bulldog guardians gathered along the finishing line shouting words of encouragement to their pets. They were also waving treats and holding their dog’s favorite things to try and get them to run faster. When the race began, some of them quickly sprinted towards the finish line. However, others ran towards the track exit, while others just sat there on the ground.

Running of the adorable Bulldogs

Bulldogs racing each other.

The Bulldogs certainly put on quite a show. Smiles of excitement from the crowd permeated the environment as each heat took place. It’s not that Bulldogs are particularly great at running, but it’s a most memorable experience all the same.

However, some of the dogs did exceed everyone’s expectations when they unexpectedly sped down the track –most likely because they knew there’d be a treat ahead. For example, Hazel, a bulldog from heat 1, was bribed by Lisa Kachmarek, her owner, with a hot dog. (No dog competitor will ever say there was a lack of royal treatment, that’s for sure.)

Canterbury Park, the perfect location for Running of the Bulldogs

The competing Bulldogs and their human families travel all sorts of distances in order to participate in this event. “We drove all the way from Detroit just for this. I’m so excited that Wally won first place and we’re all so excited to come back in September,” said a proud owner.

Bulldogs come and go, and yet, for a lot of them and their families, this race is now a tradition. “This is Molly’s second time racing. Last year she finished last so we came back to give it another try,” said the Schmidts, Molly’s family.

It’s all about family in Running of the Bulldogs. It’ll definitely lead to your kids asking you to drive to the nearest pet shop on the way back home. Of course, who can say no to adopting a cute English Bulldog? When you do, stay tuned for the upcoming races at Canterbury Park throughout the summer.

Bulldog Day at Pimlico

On a separate event in Baltimore, there was a similar race on April 14th: Bulldog Day at the Pimlico Race Course. It was brought about by Hunt Valley Animal Hospital, and the organizing committee describes it as a day to give back and celebrate the uniqueness of this specific breed of dogs.

It’s no secret that they love bulldogs at Hunt Valley Animal Hospital. Over the years they’ve had several patients travel long distances just to meet with their team. They’ve even perfected a procedure that enables the dogs to breathe easier.

They report that, after years of dedication to the breed, they thought it might be fun to take a day to celebrate the dogs they love so much. In addition, this event also promotes rescuing and adoptions.

Stay tuned

If you’d like to attend a dog race then take note as the Bulldogs race merely kicks off the season of canine competition at the Shakopee racetrack.

The basset hounds will race on June 16, followed by the wiener dogs on July 27 and the corgis on August 18. Afterward, the 12 fastest dogs from each race will return to Canterbury Park in order to compete in the Bark in the Park Championship on September 2.

As for the 2020 Bulldog Day, a date for next year’s race is yet to be announced. So, keep up with their website for upcoming information about it.

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