A Strange Animal on Twitter: Is It a Dog or a Cat?

An animal has recently taken social media by storm, with the question: is it a dog or cat? Keep reading to see what people think, and some of their other, more creative responses...
A Strange Animal on Twitter: Is It a Dog or a Cat?

Last update: 30 July, 2019

Animals will never cease to surprise you. This is what makes it such fun to see the especially strange ones that love having their photos taken and being on social media. In some cases, they just bring a smile to your face, or have an interesting skill. That’s the case with this strange animal on Twitter. Is it a dog or a cat? Read on and find out!

The animal in question has sparked a lot of interest and curiosity. Just from looking at the photos, you really can’t tell which. What do you think it is?

Cat-dog: the strange animal taking over Twitter and other social networks

The animal’s owner is perfectly aware of its strange looks. This is exactly why they’ve started putting up the photos: to bring a smile to people’s faces. When they first put up a photo of their pet (named Atchoum), they did it with the following dialogue:

“Do you have a dog or a cat?”

“I’m not sure…”

“What do you think it is?”

If you spend any time on social media, you’ll know that people love seeing these kinds of things, and will use it as an opportunity to try out their own humor and creativity. Lots of people have got involved, saying that it could be a cat, a dog, or even an owl. 

Some people went even further and claimed it was an Ewok from Star Wars. As well as that, some people said it was one of the magical animals from the movie Labyrinth.

All of this made the picture go viral, and it ended up getting 13,200 retweets. But did anyone figure out what it actually was?

Dog or cat? What’s the answer?

It was obvious that only one person knew the true answer to the question: the pet’s owner. After seeing all the commotion on social media, they decided to appease everyone’s curiosity.

Apparently, this strange animal on Twitter is a Persian cat with a very special coat of fur. That fur makes it look kind of like a Shih-Tzu, or a dog with similar characteristics.

The best part of all is that there were tons of people on social media who were 100% certain it was a dog. But after they saw the actual answer, and stopped and looked harder, they could see that it was a cat after all.

You might think that once the answer came, the viral social media frenzy would come to an end. Not at all. This little cat has become a total star on social mediaIts owner puts up photos of it every day, with it making funny faces or wearing clothes to make it look trendy.

If you want to see more, you can head over to Instagram and become one of Atchoum’s 160,000 followers. Or, you can be one of the 70,000 on Facebook. It’s crazy, right? Most of us can only dream about that kind of fame!

But he’s not the only animal that has become famous on social media. There are hundreds more! Here are just three:

Other famous animals on social media

There are lots of other animals on social media that will make you laugh and help brighten your day. Here are some:

  • Bao: this is one of the most beautiful dogs you’ll ever see. It’s a tiny Pomeranian that really looks more like a stuffed animal. It already has 1,350,000 followers on Facebook.
  • Casey and Sassy: these two cats love each other, but the only way they know how to solve problems is by fighting. Their fights are famous on the internet and they have 34 million views.
  • Bestia: don’t be scared by the name (Spanish for beast), the name has nothing to do with the animal itself. It’s actually a gorgeous little thing that looks like a stuffed animal.

These are just some of the other animals that are famous on social media, but there are plenty of others. Do you know of any we forgot to mention? Let us know!

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