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More Than 390 Original Names for Dogs with Their Meanings

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Do you have a new pet and are looking for original names for dogs? Check out this extensive list with options for male and female dogs.
More Than 390 Original Names for Dogs with Their Meanings
Last update: 22 April, 2024

The arrival of a new furry family member can be very exciting. You’ve probably already organized the space where it’ll sleep and eat. You may even have thought about its first vaccinations and even purchased its collar. But are you still looking for original dog names?

Don’t worry. In this article, we’ll give you a wide list of options so you can choose the one you like the most, whether it’s a male or a female. Keep in mind that it’s a good idea to pay attention to the characteristics of the animal so you can choose a dog name that fits its personality, breed, or physical traits.

In addition, short names with many vowels can be easier for you to pronounce and for your dog to assimilate. Generally, two or three syllables at the most is recommended. Now, discover the best original names for male and female dogs!

Original names for male dogs

First, we’ll start with original names for male dogs. According to the breed or the size he’ll be when he’s an adult, you can choose a name that sounds more aggressive or sweeter. For example, if he’s a police dog, you may want to look for a name that sounds tough.

Below is a wide list for you to find the one that best suits your furry male friend. Dog names of celebrities, movies and TV series, countries, literary characters, and more. Here we go!

Original names for male dogs inspired by celebrities

From historical figures to modern-day figures, celebrities can inspire you. In this section, you’ll find suggestions for your male puppy.

1. Ruffalo: After American actor Mark Ruffalo, who starred in films like Now You See It, The Avengers, and Wreck-It Ralph

2. Attila: Of Germanic origin, it’s the name of the king of the Huns.

3. Bruno: Another name of Germanic origin, it’s held by the singer Bruno Mars.

4. Verdi: The surname of the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi.

5. Dante: The Italian name of the author of the Divine Comedy.

6. Elvis: The Germanic name of the rock singer Elvis Presley.

7. Quino: Pronounced keeno, it’s the name of the Argentine cartoonist and creator of Mafalda.

8. Viggo: A Scandinavian name held by Lord of the Rings actor Viggo Mortensen.

9. Leo: The nickname of the Argentine soccer player and 2022 World Cup champion, Lionel Messi. Latin origin.

10. Dylan: The stage name of Welsh origin of the singer Bob Dylan.

11. Ozzy: From the Gaelic “deer” and the name of the musician Ozzy Osbourne.

12. Vinci: Italian surname of the Renaissance scholar Leonardo da Vinci.

13. Cicero: Latin for “chickpea”, was the name of a Roman orator.

14. Ringo: An English name made famous by the drummer of The Beatles, Ringo Starr.

15. Bloom: English surname of actor Orlando Bloom, meaning “flower.”

16. Sinatra: A surname of Latin origin carried by singer Frank Sinatra.

17. Bram: Meaning “father”, the Hebrew name of Bram Stroker, the writer of Dracula.

18. Jovi: Of Latin origin, it’s part of the stage name of singer Jon Bon Jovi.

19. Levi: From Hebrew, it means “he who unites his own.” It also belongs to the anthropologist Lévi-Strauss.

20. Lennon: Irish surname like that of John Lennon, singer of The Beatles.

21. Camilo: Of Etruscan origin, like the Spanish Camilo Sesto.

22. Winston: And English name meaning “stone of joy”, like that of Winston Churchill.

23. Lorca: A Spanish surname, like that of the writer Federico García Lorca.

24. Balvin: A surname of Spanish origin. It’s carried by J. Balvin, the singer from Colombia.

25. Nero: A Latin name whose meaning is “strength”. Nero was a Roman emperor.

26. Milton: An English surname belonging to the poet John Milton, which means “people of the mill.”

27. Dalton: A name inspired by mathematician John Dalton. It’s an English name meaning “valley town.”

28. Bono: From Latin, it’s the stage name of the singer of the Irish band U2.

29. Tom: This simple but endearing name is perfect for a man’s best friend and honors both actors Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise.

30. Chuck: A German diminutive of Charles, meaning “man”. It’s the name of the actor Chuck Norris.

31. Isaac: Of Hebrew origin, inspired by the 17th-century philosopher Sir Isaac Newton. It was also the name of the 19th-century Spanish pianist and composer Isaac Albéniz.

32. King: In honor of Civil Rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr.

33. Calvin: Of French origin and whose meaning is “bald”. It’s the name of Calvin Klein, a famous designer.

34. Colin: A diminutive of the Greek name Nicolas, meaning “victory of the people.” It’s the name of the Irish actor Colin Farrell.

35. Ali: In honor of Muhammad Ali, another American professional boxer and activist who was nicknamed “The Greatest.”

36. Tyson: This is a name for strong male dogs, like boxers. Of French origin, it means “of cheerful spirit,” and, of course, reminds of of boxer Michael Tyson.

37. Orson: An English name, like that of Orson Welles, an American actor, director, screenwriter, and radio broadcaster.

38. Murphy: From the Gaelic “descendant of the sea warrior,” it’s the surname of several famous people, such as actor Eddie Murphy and the scientist Edward Murphy.

39. Balto: A name meaning “brave,” it belonged to a famous Siberian husky. He was a sled dog who commanded his pack to transport medicines in the 1920s.

Original names for dogs inspired by movies

It’s movie buff time. If you like original dog names linked to movies, check out this list. Your doggy can carry the name of a great character from the big screen!

40. Rambo: Like the character from the action movies, of which there are five, all starring Sylvester Stallone.

41. Bond: The surname of special agent James Bond.

42. Mushu: The Chinese name of the dragon in the movie Mulan.

43. Groot: A character from the Marvel superhero movies.

44. Akela: Of Hindi origin, it refers to the wolf in The Jungle Book.

45. Baloo: Another Hindi word referring to the bear in The Jungle Book.

46. Mowgli: The main character from The Jungle Book, a story made famous by the movie.

47. Maximus: A name of Latin origin, like the main character in Gladiator.

48. Olaf: Meaning “ancestor’s relic”, it’s a Nordic name of the snowman in Frozen.

49. Simba: Of African origin, it refers to the lion protagonist of the movie The Lion King.

50. Vader: Meaning “father” in Dutch, it’s the name of the villain Darth Vader in Star Wars.

51. Woody: Of English origin, it belongs to one of the main characters in the Toy Story animated film series. It’s also borne by actor Woody Harrelson and actor/filmmaker Woody Allen.

52. Logan: An Irish name meaning “little hollow”. It’s the nickname of Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman.

53. Neo: The main character of the Matrix saga, whose name comes from the Greek word meaning “new.”

54. Vito: Of Latin origin, it’s the name of the mobster Vito Corleone, a character in The Godfather.

55. Bolt: The dog from the children’s movie with the same name.

56. Jafar: The Arabic name of the bad guy in the Disney movie Alladin. It means “stream.”

57. Anakin: An English term meaning “warrior,” from the Star Wars character Anakin Skywalker.

58. Noah: A Biblical name that’s also the name of Ryan Gosling’s character in The Notebook.

59. Hachiko: A Japanese name meaning “eight, which belonged to an Akita dog. His story became known because of the movie named after him.

60. Casper: A name of Persian origin that means “treasure.” Casper is the ghost protagonist of a cartoon series and a movie.

61. Bambi: The name of the fawn from the movie with the same name. It’s of Italian origin and can be used for both male and female dogs.

62. Gandalf: A name from Norse mythology that became popular thanks to the character in The Lord of the Rings. The name of this bearded character is perfect as an original name for long-haired dogs.

Original names for dogs from TV series

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As your dog is the king of the house, you can name him Raj, just like the character from The Big Bang Theory, who adored his dog Cinnamon. Credit: The Bing Band Theory/HBO Max.

Why not opt for male dog names that come from your favorite series? We’ve compiled a list of those that come from both cartoons and famous series. You can look for a character that relates to your dog’s personality.

63. Josef: The name belonging to Heidi’s St. Bernard.

64. Spock: Like the character from Star Trek.

65. Eeyore: The name of the donkey from Winnie the Pooh might be the perfect choice for your slow-moving Basset Hound.

66. Smurf: Like the classic little blue characters from the 80s cartoon.

67. Kanga: The name of kangaroo character from Winnie The Pooh. If your dog has puppies, you can name one of them Roo!

68. Muttley: The dog character in Wacky Races.

69. Kira: The main character in the Japanese anime Death Note.

70. Daryl: The English name of a character from The Walking Dead.

71. Pluto: A Latin name that not only refers to a god and to a planet but also to Mickey Mouse’s dog.

72. Tony: The diminutive of the Italian Antonio, like Tony Soprano from The Sopranos.

73. Clifford: The English name of the giant red dog from various series and movies.

74. Floki: A Norse name meaning “raven”, it’s one of the characters in the series Vikings.

75. Alf: The Nordic name given to the alien from a 1990s TV series.

76. Murdock: From the Scottish word meaning “sailor”, like the character from The A Team.

77. Alfie: A diminutive of Alfred, an English name, and a character from the series Peaky Blinders.

78. Scooby: Of English origin, it’s the name of the famous dog from the animated series Scooby Doo.

79. Morty: A diminutive of the French Mortimer, meaning “Dead Sea”, and a character from the series Rick and Morty.

80. Lenny: A Germanic name that means “lion” and is carried by a character from The Simpsons.

81. Frank: Another Germanic name. The character in House of Cards has this name.

82. Raj: The name of a character from The Big Bang Theory series, from Sanskrit, meaning “king”.

83. Cosmo: Of Greek origin, this is the name of one of the characters from the animated series The Fairly OddParents.

84. Dexter: From English, this name means “right-handed.” It’s the name of the main character of the cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory.

85. Sheldon: From English, this name refers to a “valley with steep sides” and it’s the name of the main character of The Big Bang Theory.

86. Walt: nickname for Walter, a Germanic name meaning “one who leads”. It was the name of one of the main characters in Breaking Bad.

87. Barney: This isn’t only the name of the giant purple dinosaur but also a character in How I Met Your Mother. From Arabic, it means “son of consolation.”

88. Winnie: A diminutive of Winifred in Welsh, it means “blessed reconciliation” and belongs to the main character of Winnie the Pooh. It can also be one of the original dog names for female dogs.

Original dog names from literature

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If you like literature, you may be inspired by the name of a character from a novel with a meaning that’s in tune with your dog’s appearance or personality. Credit: Nebasin/iStockphoto.

Literary works are a source of many short names that are ideal for a pet. Here are some of the most original ones for you to choose from. Many come from novels, comic books, or literary classics.

89. Krypto: Superman’s dog.

90. Tyrion: A dwarf character from the A Song of Ice and Fire book series.

91. Aslan: The Turkish name of the lion in The Chronicles of Narnia.

92. Tintin: The name of a famous literary famous cartoon character.

93. Dupin: The last name of the detective created by Edgar Allan Poe.

94. Watson: The English last name of Sherlock Holmes’ assistant.

95. Wally: The Anglo-Saxon name of the character in Where’s Wally?

96. Porthos: One of the musketeers in the novel by Alexandre Dumas.

97. Emmett: From the Germanic word meaning “universal”, this is a character in Twilight.

98. Draco: From the Latin word for “dragon”, he’s an evil character from the Harry Potter saga.

99. Ron: A diminutive of Ronald, this is the Anglo-Saxon name of another character from the Harry Potter saga.

100. Dorian: Of Greek origin, this name refers to the character from The Picture of Dorian Gray.

101. Bilbo: An English name with an unknown meaning, it refers to the protagonist of The Hobbit.

102. Thanos: From the Greek language, this word means “death” and is the name of a villain from Marvel comics.

103. Romeo: Of Latin origin, it belongs to one of the main characters from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

104. Ferguson: The Scottish last name of a classic Jules Verne character, Samuel Ferguson.

105. Milu: The French name of the fox terrier in the Adventures of Tintin comics.

106. Athos: Another of the three musketeers in the book by Alexandre Dumas. It’s of Greek origin, as is Porthos.

107. Conan: The Celtic name of Conan the Barbarian, a series of stories and novels created by Robert E. Howard.

108. Sherlock: An English name meaning “fair-haired” belonging to the fictional investigator Sherlock Holmes.

109. Faust: A Latin word meaning “prosperous,” it’s the name of the protagonist of Goethe’s work by the same name.

110. Gulli: A diminutive of Gulliver, it’s an English name meaning “glutton.” It’s also the main character in Gulliver’s Travels.

111. Atticus: A Latin name whose meaning is “from Athens” and was the father/lawyer character in the American Classic To Kill a Mockingbird.

112. Hulk: Of English origin, it represents the comic book superhero and can be a good name for big dogs.

113. Stark: A Germanic name that refers to strength, it’s the last name of the comic book character Tony Stark or Iron Man.

114. Hagrid: A character from the Harry Potter saga, whose name is a dialectal variant of English that refers to “one who drinks a lot”.

115. Captain: A name for a cute dog that has referred to many famous characters, such as Captain Nemo or Captain Hook.

116. Percy: A French diminutive of Percival that means “to pierce” and refers to the protagonist of the saga Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

117. Venom: An English name that means “poison.” It refers to the comic book supervillain who first appeared in the Spider-Man story.

118. Flash: This is the name of the comic book superhero who stands out for his speed. If your pet is fast, don’t hesitate to give him this original name for dogs.

Mythological names

Nordic, Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology are full of original names for dogs. Mythological names can be a good choice if you’re looking for a name that has a history.

119. Thacius: The king of the Sabines.

120. Loki: The Norse god of chaos.

121. Seth: The Egyptian god of chaos.

122. Zeus: The Greek god of lightning.

123. Apis: The sacred Egyptian bull.

124. Eros: The Greek god of love.

125. Bacchus: The Roman god of wine.

126. Ares: The Greek god of war.

127. Thor: The Norse god of thunder.

128. Hades: The Greek god of the underworld.

129. Iacchus: The epithet of the Greek god Dionysus.

130. Janus: The Roman god protector of the State.

131. Balder: The Norse god of light and truth.

132. Pollux: The Greek name of Castor’s twin.

133. Alastor: The epithet of Zeus, the Greek god of the sky.

134. Apollo: The Greek god of music and archery.

135. Garm: The Norse equivalent of the can Cerberus.

136. Attis: The lover of Cybele in Greek myths.

137. Finn: Hunter and warrior in Celtic mythology.

138. Amun: The king of the gods in Egyptian mythology.

139. Heimdal: The guardian god in Norse mythology.

140. Kraken: A sea creature in Norse mythology.

141. Odin: A chief god of Norse mythology.

142. Adonis: The lover of Aphrodite, according to Greek myths.

143. Sirius: The dog of the hunter Orion in Greek mythology.

144. Acastus: The man who sailed with Jason and the Argonauts.

145. Talos: The bronze giant who protected the city of Crete.

146. Aker: The Egyptian god of the earth, symbolized by two lions.

147. Castor: The Greek name for one of the twin sons of Zeus.

148. Hector: The prince of Troy who defended the city until his death.

149. Remus: One of the founders of Rome, according to mythology.

150. Atlas: A titan of Greek mythology whose name means “bearer.”

151. Xylon: In Greek mythology, he was a satyr, half man and half goat.

152. Odysseus: A hero of Greek mythology and the main character of the Odyssey.

153. Agamemnon: A Greek hero whose adventures are narrated in Homer’s Iliad.

154. Agnarr: In Norse mythology, he’s the son of a king who helps Odin to escape.

155. Osiris: The god of resurrection, regeneration, and fertility in the Egyptian pantheon.

156. Aeneas: A character who participated in the Trojan War according to Greco-Roman mythology.

157. Laelap: “Storm-wind” was the hound dog given to Europa by Zeus in Greek myths.

158. Cadmus: Means “from the East.” According to Greek mythology, he was the founder of the city of Thebes.

159. Peleus: The name of Achilles’ father in Greek mythology, which is related to mud.

160. Cerberus: In Greek mythology, he was the three-headed canine that guarded the gates of the underworld. The name means “demon of the well.”

Names of countries and cities as original names for dogs

Geography can also be a useful resource to find original names for male dogs. In this list, you’ll find cities, countries, and geographical features of the world to inspire you.

162. Milan: A city in Italy.

163. Beijing: The capital of China.

164. Tokyo: The capital of Japan.

165. Timbu: The capital of Bhutan.

166. Copiapó: A city in Chile.

167. Berlin: The capital of Germany.

168. Baku: The capital of Azerbaijan.

169. Santos: A municipality in Brazil.

170. Chester: A city in England.

171. Milo: A volcanic island in Greece.

172. Jordan: A river in Lebanon and Israel.

173. Boston: A city in the United States.

174. Chicago: A U.S. city.

175. Denver: A U.S. city.

176. Wilson: A U.S. city.

177. Dustin: A U.S. city.

178. Duncan: A city in the United States.

179. Houston: A city in the United States.

180. Orlando: A city in the United States.

181. York: A historic city in England.

182. Cairo: The capital of Egypt.

183. Monaco: A European city and principality.

184. Dakar: The capital of the African country Senegal.

185. Rio: For Rio de Janeiro, a Brazilian city.

186. Dubai: A city in the United Arab Emirates.

187. Lyon: A French city meaning “lion”.

188. Malabo: The capital of Equatorial Guinea, an African country.

189. Abu: For Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

190. Brooklyn: A neighborhood in New York City.

191. Maui: A Hawaiian island named after a Polynesian god.

192. Capri: An Italian city, perfect as a name for a short-haired dog.

193. Dallas: A U.S. city whose name is Scottish and means “valley of water.”

194. Argos: One of the oldest Greek cities. It was also Odysseus’ dog in Greek mythology.

Original names for dogs in other languages

Sometimes all you need to do is choose a word in another language and know its translation to make you fall in love with it. These dog names for male dogs are original, cute, and fun.

195. Inu: “Dog” in Japanese.

196. Trueno: “Thunder” in Spanish.

197. Café: “Coffee” in Spanish.

198. Pasto: Means “grass” in Spanish.

199. Lobo: Means “wolf” in Spanish.

200. Magno: Means “big” in Latin.

201. Santo: Means “saint” in Spanish.

202. Comino: Means “cumin” in Spanish.

203. Shiro: Japanese for “white” or “castle.”

204. Lupin: Latin word for “lupine.”

205. Otto: A German name meaning “wealth.”

206. Anker: Greek name meaning “manly.”

207. Luca: Of Latin origin, meaning “light.”

208. Kichiro: Japanese name meaning “fortunate.”

209. Kaiser: A German word meaning “emperor.”

210. Theo: Means “god” and derives from the Greek word theos.

211. Takeo:Japanese name meaning “strong” or “warrior”.

212. Nezumi: A Japanese name for dogs meaning “mouse.”

213. Mirko: Of Slavic origin, it means “glorious for having secured peace.”

214. Príncipe: “Prince” in Spanish, it’s one of the most beautiful original dog names.

215. Jano: Pronounced “hano”, this Indian name means “soul, life force, birthplace, or force of life”.

Original dog names for female dogs

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Mythology, science fiction, and the names of countries and cities can be the sources where you can find the ideal name for your female dog. Credit: Willard/iStockphoto.

Names for female dogs should be cute, as they can reflect the puppy’s own sweetness. Also, there’s nothing better than choosing a name that has a special meaning for the owners.

Since they tend to be smaller than males, you may want to look for a name that reflects their gentleness. Although, perhaps, your dog’s breed is strong or big, so the name of a goddess or warrior wouldn’t be a bad idea. Discover this list designed for the queen of the house!

Original names for famous people

There are many famous women in history whose names can be good for a dog. We invite you to choose one of these beautiful dog names!

216. Fenty: Like Rihanna’s last name.

217. Lizzo: After the singer Lizzo.

218. Mora: A Latin name given to the sculptress Lola Mora.

219. Nina: The Italian nickname of the fashion designer Nina Ricci.

220. Frida: A name of Germanic origin to honor the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

221. Sharon: From the Hebrew name meaning “plain”, like actress Sharon Stone’s name.

222. Gaga: After hit singer and actress Lady Gaga.

223. Coco: The Spanish name for cocoa beans and coconut, and also the name of Coco Chanel.

224. Zoe: Meaning “life”, it was also the name of an empress of the Byzantine Empire.

225. Donna: From Italian, meaning “maiden,” it’s also part of Madonna’s stage name.

226. Cleo: The diminutive of Cleopatra, it’s the name of a queen of Ancient Egypt.

227. Amber: Derived from Arabic, it’s the name of the actress Amber Heard.

228. Miley: An adorable name for your female dog that honors singer and actress Miley Cyrus.

229. Marie: The French variant of the Latin “Maria”, like the name of the chemist Marie Curie.

230. Demi: Of Anglo-Saxon origin, this name means “mother earth” and is carried by Demi Moore or Demi Lovato.

231. Grace: A beautiful name for a dog from Latin. It was carried by the actress Grace Kelly.

232. Gala: A Latin name of a Roman empress. Also, the wife of Salvador Dalí, the surrealist painter.

233. Laika: A Russian name meaning “barker.” This was the name of the dog that was the first living being to orbit the Earth.

234. Lupita: A diminutive of Guadalupe, from Arabic, meaning “hidden river”, and the name of the actress Lupita Nyong’o.

235. Olivia: From Latin, meaning “fruit of the olive tree.” The name has been used by some singers, such as Olivia Newton-John and Olivia Rodrigo.

236. Scarlett: This name of English origin refers to a deep and dramatic red. It’s famous for the name of Scarlett O’Hara, protagonist of the movie Gone with the Wind, and actress Scarlet Johansson.

237. Eva: A name of Hebrew origin that means “she who gives life”. This is how the first woman created by God in the bible is referred to in Spanish and is also the name of actress Eva Longoria.

Original movie names for female dogs

Movie characters are inspiring if you’re looking for a name you love. There are many possibilities. You only have to choose the one you like the most and that reflects the nature of your dog.

238. Cheeta: The name of the chimpanzee that accompanies Tarzan.

239. Lara: The Russian diminutive of Larisa appears in Tomb Raider.

240. Ariel: Meaning “lion of God” in Hebrew, it’s and character of The Little Mermaid.

241. Lady: The name of the dog in Lady and the Tramp, perfect if you have an American Cocker Spaniel!

242. Leia: Hebrew for “tired,” it’s the name of the princess and daughter of Darth Vader in the Star Wars movie saga.

243. Amélie: A name meaning “self-sacrificing woman” and also refers to a popular French film.

244. Mia: From the movie Pulp Fiction. It means “chosen one” and is of Hebrew origin.

245. Elsa: A name of Hebrew origin of the character from the animated movie Frozen.

246. Fiona: Of Celtic origin, it’s the name of the female protagonist of Shrek, a children’s movie saga.

247. Jasmine: Arabic name meaning “beautiful as the flower” from the character in Aladdin.

248. Astrid: Appears in How to Train Your Dragon and comes from the Norse “divine beauty.”

249. Wendy: The Anglo-Saxon name of the Peter Pan character meaning “true friend.”

250. Alice: From the French language, meaning “noble”, it was the name of the protagonist of Resident Evil.

251. Nala: Of African origin, it means “queen” and refers to a lioness from the movie The Lion King.

252. Matilda: The main character from the movie with the same Latin name, which means “strong person”.

253. Lilo: A Hawaiian name meaning “generous”, and it’s known thanks to the movie Lilo and Stich.

254. Thelma: From the Greek language, it means “she who is kind”, like the character in the movie Thelma and Louise.

255. Megara: A Greek name whose meaning is “first” and is borne by a character from Hercules.

256. Edna: Means “delight” in Hebrew and is the name of a character in the movie The Incredibles.

257. Allie: A diminutive of the name Allison, it means “noble” and is the name of the protagonist of The Notebook.

258. Darla: From the English word “darling”, it’s the name of a little girl in the children’s movie Finding Nemo.

259. Indiana: Of Greek origin, it means “big river”, like the nickname of the famous movie character Indiana Jones.

260. Mulan: The name of the protagonist of the animated movie of the same name whose origin is Chinese and means “magnolia.”

261. Sally: Hebrew for “princess.” It’s used by several movie characters, such as in Cars and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

262. Lena: A diminutive of Greek origin meaning “shining,” it was worn by one of the main characters in One for All.

263. Sandy: A diminutive of the Greek Sandra meaning “defender of men”. That was the name of the protagonist of Grease.

264. Clarice: A French variant of Clara, meaning “brightness”. We’ve seen it belong to the main character of The Silence of the Lambs.

Original names from dogs inspired by TV series

We’ve already reviewed some names of movie characters. Now, we’ll see dog names for female dogs that come from TV series or cartoons. You’re sure to recognize a lot of them!

265. Smurfette: The female character from The Smurfs.

266. Buffy: From the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

267. Beth: The Hebrew name of the main character in The Queen’s Gambit.

268. Sookie: A variant of Susanna, she’s a character from the series True Blood.

269. Dana: Hebrew for “she who judges”, this name appears in The X-Files.

270. Vilma: Germanic for “protector”, she’s a Scooby Doo character.

271. Heidi: A popular Germanic name of the character from the children’s series with the same name.

272. Haley: From Norwegian, means “hero” and appears in Modern Family.

273. Claire: From Latin clarus meaning “clear,” she’s a character from House of Cards.

274. Misty: An English name, “Misty” is a character in the animated series Pókemon.

275. Phoebe: A name from the Greek language that means “bright,” it’s also the name of a character from the series Friends.

276. Daphne: A Greek name that means “laurel” and was carried by Daphne, one of the characters from Scooby Doo.

277. Lassie: A fictional character who was a rough collie dog. This is a Scottish nickname meaning “little girl”.

278. Lisa: From Hebrew, this is the name of the daughter of Homer Simpson, from the animated TV series The Simpsons.

279. Maggie: Of Greek origin, this name means “pearl” and is the name of another one of Homer Simpson’s daughters.

280. Serena: A Latin name meaning “dream”. We saw it in one of the characters of Gossip Girl.

281. Xena: A Greek name from the series Xena: Warrior Princess, meaning “hospitable.”

282. Minnie: short for Wilhelmina, “protector,” and the name of the cartoon character Mickey Mouse.

283. Penny: From the Greek language, this word means “weaver.” It’s also the name of a female character in the TV series The Big Bang Theory.

284. Piggy: This is the nickname of the iconic female pig character from The Muppet Show and Muppet Babies

Original names from literature for female dogs

Great works of literature have bequeathed beautiful dog names. Take advantage of these works and be fascinated by their characters. If you have a favorite book, what better than to use it as the inspiration you need to name your pet?

285. Lenina: A character from the novel Brave New World.

286. Mina: A name of Latin origin and the heroine of Dracula.

287. Tonks: A name of a character in the Harry Potter saga.

288. Jadis: The name of the White Witch in The Chronicles of Narnia.

289. Nana: The nickname of the main character in Nana, a novel by Émile Zola.

290. Lily: The name refers to a flower and is also the name of the mother of Harry Potter in the saga.

291. Bella: Of Latin origin, this name was that of the main character in Twilight.

292. Ursula: Latin for “little bear”, this is the name of the character in One Hundred Years of Solitude.

293. Sansa: A Swedish name meaning “to settle down,”, it belongs to Sansa Stark, a character from A Song of Ice and Fire.

294. Katniss: An English name that has to do with flowers, it’s also the name of the main character of The Hunger Games.

295. Lolita: A Spanish name derived from Dolores and the name of the main character of Nabokov’s work by the same name.

296. Nebula: A Latin name of a Marvel Comics character meaning “misty.”

297. Gigi: A French diminutive of Virginia and a character from Colette’s novel with the same name.

298. Fermina: A Latin name indicating “strong,” the main character of Love in the Time of Cholera bears this name.

299. Daenerys: Of Hebrew origin, it’s the name of a Character from George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book saga.

300. Molly: From Latin, it can mean “beloved”, like the name of Ron’s mother in the Harry Potter saga.

301. Enola: This name means “lonely” in English, and it’s the name of Enola Holmes, the sister of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes.

302. Briony: Of English origin, it means “climbing plant”, and it’s the name of a character of the novel Atonement, by Ian McEwan.

303. Carrie: Of Germanic origin, it was the name of the protagonist of Stephen King’s story and means “free woman.”

304. Arya: Comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “noble”. It’s also the name of a character from the book saga A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin.

305. Arwen: A half-elf from The Lord of the Rings whose name means “beautiful maiden” in the language created by the writer.

306. Emma: An English name meaning “powerful.” Emma Woodhouse is the protagonist of Jane Austen’s novel Emma and could be one of the sweetest original names for female dogs.

Mythological names for female dogs

In this section, we’ll focus on mythological characters from various traditions. Greece, Rome, Egypt, and Norway have all left their mark on culture. Their goddesses are great choices for original dog names.

307. Isis: Egyptian mother goddess.

308. Themis: Greek goddess of law.

309. Nix: Greek goddess of night.

310. Circe: Greek goddess of magic.

311. Diana: Roman goddess of hunting.

312. Lua: Roman goddess of atonement.

313. Hera: Greek goddess of marriage.

314. Hela: Norse goddess of the underworld.

315. Minerva: Roman goddess of wisdom.

316. Aura: Greek personification of the breeze.

317. Venus: Roman goddess of love and beauty.

318. Gaia: Greek goddess of earth and creation.

319. Mera: Erygone’s female dog in Greek myths.

320. Flora: The goddess of flowers in Roman mythology.

321. Juno: Roman goddess of marriage and queen of the gods.

322. Lilith: The first wife of Adam in Mesopotamian mythology.

323. Moira: The Moira were Greek deities who personified destiny.

324. Valkyrie: A figure from Norse mythology who chose the fallen in battle.

Countries or cities as original names for female dogs

Still don’t know what to name your puppy? Another option is to resort to beautiful cities and countries. There are many beautiful dog names in our world map, especially for female dogs. Discover them here!

325. Asia: The continent.

326. Suva: The capital of Fiji.

327. Greece: A European country.

328. Lima: The capital of Peru.

329. Albania: A European country.

330. Paris: The French capital.

331.Ibiza: A Spanish city.

332. Yuki: A Japanese city.

333. Doha: The capital of Qatar.

334. Bern: The capital of Switzerland.

335. Rome: The capital of Italy. You can also choose “Roma,” which is the city’s name in Italian and Spanish.

336. Nauru: A country in Oceania.

337. Yalta: A city in Crimea.

338. Athens: The capital of Greece.

339. Puebla: A Mexican city.

340. Jamaica: A Caribbean island.

341. Kairi: A town in Australia.

342. Evora: A city in Portugal.

343. Ankara: The capital of Turkey.

344. Luján: A city in Argentina.

345. Sydney: The capital of Australia.

346. Manila: The capital of the Philippines.

347. Marseilles: A city in France.

348. Seine: A river of France.

349. Adelaide: A city in Australia.

350. Dhaka: A city in Bangladesh.

351. Belize: A Central American country.

352. Nile: The largest river in Africa.

353. Petra: An ancient city in Jordan.

354. Prague: The capital of the Czech Republic.

355. Russia: The largest country in the world.

356. Riga: The capital of Latvia, a European country.

357. Juba: The capital city of South Sudan.

358. Brussels: The city of Belgium.

359. Nairobi: The capital of Kenya, an African country.

360. Sahara: The largest desert in the world.

361. Luanda: The capital of Angola, an African country.

362. Burkina: In honor of the African country Burkina Faso.

363. Jakarta: The capital of Indonesia, an Asian country.

364. Vilnius: The capital city of Lithuania, a European country.

365. Palma: For Palma de Mallorca, a Spanish city.

366. Mali: For the African country Republic of Mali or Mali.

367. Skye: The island in Scotland whose name means “cloud.”

368. California: You call your dog “Cali” after the U.S. state.

369. India: Like the Asian country. It’s also one of the most common names for female dogs.

Original names for female dogs in other languages

Some figure
If you still haven’t found the ideal name in Spanish for your female dog, you can check out options in other languages. Credit: Albina Gavrilovic/iStockphoto.

You may be amazed by words in other languages. If that’s you, you can choose one of these original dog names that come from languages like French, Japanese, or English.

370. Allegra: Means “joyful” in Italian

371. Miel: “Honey” in Spanish.

372. Prada: Latin for “meadow.”

373. Dulce: “Sweet” in Spanish.

374. Margarita: “Daisy” in Spanish.

375. Arena: “Sand” in Spanish.

376. Lirio: Means “lily” in English.

377. Kai: Means “victory” in Chinese.

378. Noir: Means “black” in French.

379. Xian: Means “immortal” in Mandarin Chinese.

380. Amapola: Means “poppy” in Spanish.

381. Maite: From Basque, meaning “love.”

382. Azul: From Spanish, meaning “blue.”

383. Malak: Arabic name meaning “angel.”

384. Rosie: English diminutive meaning “rose.”

385. Alina: Of Celtic origin, meaning “attractive.”

386. Anya: A name from Russia, it’s a diminutive of Anna.

387. Mila: A Slavic name meaning “loved by the people.”

388. Haiku: Japanese name from a style of poetry.

389. Tallulah: “Jumping water” in a Native American language.

390. Annette: A French variant of the Hebrew name. Its meaning is “grace.”

391. Mochi: A round Japanese sweet, it’s perfect if you’re looking for cute dog names.

392. Nita: Means “bear” and is one of the Native American names for female dogs.

393. Luna: “Moon” in Spanish.

394. Jengibre: “Ginger” in Spanish. It’s one of the best original dog names if you have a copper-haired pet.

Have you already chosen one of these original dog names?

Now you have no excuses. You can choose the option that best suits your pet from this wide list of original dog names. Whether you’re thinking of having a male or a female, you’ll surely find the most appropriate name here.

Remember that you can allow your pet’s physical features or behavior to guide you to make the choice easier. Also, there’s always the option of resorting to those names that you like for some reason. The important thing is that once you have made the decision, you stick to it.

Cover image: A shot from the movie Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2010).

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.