The 7 Funniest Animals in the Animal Kingdom

Today, we want to take a look at the 7 funniest animals in the animal kingdom. Both their appearance and the way they behave set them apart from the rest.
The 7 Funniest Animals in the Animal Kingdom

Last update: 17 November, 2020

Nature always surprises us with quirky animals that arouse a smile when we see them. Would you like to know our choice of the funniest animals in the animal kingdom? Then come with us!

The funniest animals in the animal world

The sloth

Have you ever seen this animal in action? Although, really, ‘in action’ might not be the right way to refer to this animal’s behavior. In fact, the slowness of its movements is part of what makes it one of the funniest animals in the world. Not to mention the smile that seems to be a permanent fixture on its face, which is both endearing and hilarious.

So why is this animal so slow? It’s due to the fact the very low amount of energy that it has in its body. Therefore, it must channel the little energy it has for when he needs it most. For example, when it feels threatened, it can move faster than a cat.

The platypus

Do you remember when you first saw this animal? Some people laugh at it, others find it completely baffling. Whatever the case, we can’t deny that the platypus is most peculiar. It has the body of a squirrel, the legs and beak of a duck, and the tail of a beaver.

A platypus catching a worm.

The platypus can live both on land and in water and, though it’s a mammal, it lays eggs. It seems as if Mother Nature was playing tetris when she put this guy together. Something you may not know about this creature is that it has poison in one of its claws, so if you meet one, you better not provoke it.

The shoebill

This animal, which lives in Africa, has a huge head in comparison to others of its species. What’s more, it has a very peculiar beak which can measure up to 9 inches long. The truth is that even though it looks like the ugly duckling of the pelicans, this animal can’t help but make you smile.

The shoebill pelican.

These strange-looking birds are also huge, as they can measure up to one meter (3.3 feet) long. Therefore, they’re not only one of the funniest animals, but also one of the tallest birds in the world.

The long-eared jerboa

This funny, mouse-like jerboa is even more fun when it has ears as long as a rabbit. They’re usually the same size as its body, which makes it quite a funny animal to look at.

The long-eared jerboa.
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It’s known as the mammal with the largest ears in proportion to its size, as its body doesn’t exceed 10 centimeters (4 inches). It lives in China and Mongolia, and feeds on insects.

The Yoda bat

Who doesn’t know Yoda from the famous George Lucas movie? Well, nature seems to have been the inspiration behind one of this director’s most famous characters. Just look at the Yoda bat and you’ll see for yourself.

The Yoda bat.

We’re not sure if this animal makes your laugh or cringe, but we think it’s one of the funniest animals in the animal kingdom.

The pink fairy armadillo

The armadillo is funny looking enough to begin with, given the hairy body that hides under a gray suit of armor. So now imagine one that’s tiny and pink. A very funny joke of nature indeed.

The pink fairy armadillo.

The Dumbo octopus

Although its official name is Grimpoteuthis, this little animal arouses the laughter of everyone who sees it. Why? Because its fins look rather like elephant ears, and give it a really funny appearance.

The Dumbo octopus.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of some of the funniest animals in the world. Can you think of any others we should add to the list?

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