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Eugenio Fernández Suárez


A veterinarian specialized in primate ethology. He is currently secretary of AVEFES Nacional, as well as supervisor of the Department of Primates and Small Mammals at Oasis WildLife. He has extensive experience as a volunteer in animal conservation programs, as well as being a disseminator to create awareness regarding animal welfare.

About the author

Graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the University of León (2018). He also has a specialization in Biology and Behavior of Primates from the University of Girona (2016).

He has taken different courses to complete his training. Among these are the courses: Animal Welfare of Wild Fauna in Captivity, Biodiversity Crisis, Conservation and Threatened Species, Primatology: Communication in Primates, Environmental Challenges in a Changing World (University of Navarra, 2016), Canine Cognition and Emotion ( University from Duke, 2017) and many others.

He has also participated in a variety of national and international conferences. For example, the XVII AVEFES-Zaragoza Conference on Primatology (2015), the IV Cycle of Conferences on Exotic and Wild Fauna (2015), and the International Conference on Pathology and Wildlife (2016).

He has collaborated with various sanctuaries and wildlife shelters in Spain and has a special interest in animal behavior, animal welfare, and both scientific and environmental dissemination through various projects. He's also a volunteer at the El Bosque Zoo (Oviedo). He  focuses especially on the rehabilitation of primates.

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