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Érica Terrón González


Veterinary specialist in wildlife management. She has worked in veterinary clinics, as well as in centers and organizations dedicated to the protection of animals. Her collaboration with GREFA and CRAS stands out. She has also worked as a teacher, as well as a writer for different platforms related to zoology, veterinary medicine, and environmental conservation.

About the author

Graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the University of León (2014). She completed her training with a Master's Degree in Wildlife Management from the University of Murcia (2015).

Throughout her life she has carried out numerous training courses in English as a second language, combined with stays abroad for periods compatible with her academic training (London and Australia, mainly). During her years of university training, she worked in various companies related to the veterinary profession.

Given her specialization in wildlife, the collaboration with some of the most important wild animal recovery centers in the country stands out, such as GREFA and the CRAS of Valladolid. Since 2018 she has been collaborating with the company Falco Iberia during the bird breeding months as a caretaker of the young of birds of prey. She also works as a teacher at Grupo Didactia and as a writer and editor for digital media as a disseminator.

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